Final Group Project

Final Weeks Timeline

This post has a timeline with what we’re doing for the final project in the last weeks of class: Final Weeks Post.

Group Miro

Each of your groups will have a Miro board. You also have a channel in the class Discord server. There is a link to the board in the channel. In order to fully see and edit the board you will need to join our team on Miro. Links will be provided to both joining and the group boards during class and you can DM me if you need help.

Example Group Miro Board: Angelica and I will use this to plan our example project.

The Miro board helps to visualize a number of things related to the project:

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Tasks and Progress on Tasks
  • Progress Reports
  • Links to your project documents, GitHub and Netlify sites.

Final Project Brief

This document is due on December 1 (changed). Full details and instructions on the Final Project Brief post.

Progress Reports

These will be due once per week starting November 24. You will complete the report by filling out the Progress Report in the Miro board.

  1. Progress Report 1: due November 29 (changed)
  2. Progress Report 2: due December 3 (changed)
  3. Progress Report 3: due December 8


Work in this field is an iterative process. This means you create something, get feedback, adjust, get more feedback and so on. To help make sure you are all on the right track and progressing, your group will present two versions of your project before the final presentation. Each group will present to the class. The presentations will be short, showing what you’ve done so far and discuss successes and challenges and next steps. This will be a supporting and encouraging environment with comments to help achieve your goals and overcome obstacles.

  1. Version 1: due December 6
  2. Version 2: due December 13

Final Project Presentation

Monday, December 20

All groups will present your projects in class (on zoom) on the day of the final.