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CSS is how we create the visual design of our web sites.

CSS Posts

Below are the last six posts on our class site related to CSS.
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Responsive Navigation

There are a large number of ways to do responsive navigation.  This page contains three examples from CodePen and then links to some sites that offer navigation examples that you…

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Media Queries

In order to have a fully responsive web page you need three things: Fluid Layout: the width of the layout is set in fluid units like percent or fr units….

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CSS Grid

CSS Grid is relatively simple to get started but it is also deep with a lot to learn. This page has resources about CSS Grid for those just getting started…

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Typographic Hierarchy

Most of the web is text so much of what you have to design is text. A typographic hierarchy helps the user to quickly scan a page and find information. Also, done right, it…

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Typography Basics

This post presents the basics of typography through a set of rules to follow. Like all rules they are made to be broken, but you should learn them first before…

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CSS Games

CSS Diner: Selectors Game Play Game: https://flukeout.github.io/ This is a web game that requires you to write CSS Selectors. It’s a fun way to test your knowledge of writing selectors…

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These HTML resources are grouped into areas. Some are direct links to resources while others are links to posts on this site.