Week 7: 10/13

This week we will finish the Responsive Site and get started on being ready for Eleventy. The Responsive site will be submitted on Thursday, October 14

There is no class on Monday, October 11 due to a holiday.

Before Class: LEARN


  • Work on your project. Roughly in this order
    1. wireframes complete
    2. create HTML for each page of your site. Focus on elmeents for the major sections of your page. It’s OK if you don’t get all of the paragraphs, lists etc.
    3. Make sure to determine your sitewide header and footer. You can put off the navigation for now, but leave at least a <nav> element.
    4. write the CSS for the small (mobile) layout from you wireframes
    5. use media queries to create the other layouts
    6. Complete the content for each page.
    7. Check that you are meeting all of the required areas from the project rubric

The Responsive Site page has the scoring rubric and links to more information on how to complete each part.



The Join link is the same for all live sessions. There is a registration form and a waiting room to help avoid bombing. View Live Sessions below for more info

Live Sessions

Session 1: No CLass

Monday, October 11

There is no class on Monday

Session 2: Responsive Design

Wednesday, October 13 at 7:30p–9:10p

We will do some work on the projects (mostly answering questions) and look at what you need in your dev environment to be ready for Eleventy.

Topics for Class Session

After Class:

Follow the Starter 11ty Site example and create an 11ty site.

Modify Page One from:

This is the first page.

To the following

This page was created by Your Name.

Where you replace your name with your actual name (you can use an alias, and you don’t have to put in your last name).

Make sure to save your work. Commit your changes and push them back up to your GitHub repository.

Post a link to your GitHub Repository in the commons on the Starter 11ty site page.

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