Week 1: 8/25

In a typical week there would be activities to do before class on Monday. This week we will do these in class. If you see this before our first class on Wednesday and want to get started, great.

If you are not able to do some or any of this, don’t worry. We will go over this in the first session as well.

Before Class: LEARN


  1. Create the Accounts you will need for class These are the ones you must do this week:
    • Sign up for the OpenLab and Join Our Class. The instructions are in this section: Join Our Course on the BMCC OpenLab
    • Create a Kahoot! account.
      • You may want to Download the App if you have a phone or tablet. This can make it easier to play while watching our zoom on your computer and easier to keep track of what you’ve done.
  2. Create an entry in the class directory
    1. You must have joined the OpenLab and our Course before you can do this properly.
  3. Start to Set up your Development Environment
    1. Dev Environment Info and Instructions
    2. It’s OK if you don’t finish.



The Join link is the same for all live sessions. There is a registration form and a waiting room to help avoid bombing. View Live Sessions below for more info

Live Sessions

Session 1: Course Introduction

Wednesday, Aug. 25 at 7:30p–9:10p

During our first session we will review the course and the topics covered, this course site, what you’ll need to do your work and be successful, get to know each other.

Links for Class Session

After Class: REPORT


Each week there will be a form to fill out where you will give an update on your learning for the week. This is what would be an assignment in typical classes


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