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The Joneses – Amanda Hines

I would categorize the way the Joneses family lives as personal selling through conversation and demonstration. Their sales performances are dependent on the relationships they create with their neighbors, schoolmates, and anyone they meet in between. They establish their connections and use demonstration in their day to day lives to sell their company products. They place products in clear view creating a sense of need and wants for things their consumers had not been exposed to before. The sales tactics the Joneses used are like many, they rely on multi-level marketing to expand their sales and reach different territories. Similarly, athletic brands like Nike use co-branding with celebrities to promote their shoes and active wear. Nike places and overpriced product on a well-known personalities t entice their consumers to purchase their goods and with popularity, more and more of their product is sold.

The marketing tactics used are unethical, the sales strategies used in the movie are based on deceit and are fueled only by their personal goals to hit a specific sales mark. The Joneses are not in control of the products they sell, and their sales are motivated by be jealously and/or the need of their clients to live up to a particular lifestyle. Morally, the “unit” is disheartened and unfulfilled in the life they lead. If I became friends with people like the leading family, I would question their ideas and need for perfection and wonder how genuine their being with me if it seems they aren’t genuine with themselves. Once I find out their secret, I’d essentially feel played and question if the friendship was all part of an act. After the initial anger, I would feel bad for the lives they lead.

Amanda Hines – Press Release

Amanda Hines                                                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 3/18/2022

Southern Telecom Inc.



Late Beloved Superstar, Elvis Presley, Meets Consumer Electronics!

Southern Telecom Inc. Near Closing on Brand Licensing Deal for Elvis Presley


NYC, New York: This week, Southern Telecom Inc., a manufacturing company specializing in Consumer Electronics, whose partner relationships include Polaroid, Brookstone and Disney has set forth in solidifying their deal with Authentic Brands Group, Elvis’s brand manager. They’re manufactured goods are to include audio products & musical instruments in an exclusive two-year deal.

Brand manager, ABG and Southern Telecom have stated “this will be the next Bohemian Rhapsody” as the highly anticipated Elvis Presley movie is set to be released in June 2022. Elvis Presley being such a widely known name amongst all generations and ages– the deal is expected to renew for 6 additional years.

About Southern Telecom, Inc.; Southern Telecom Inc, is a manufacturing company based in Brooklyn, New York, founded 25 years ago. Southern Telecom has worked with some of the largest brands you know and love and has placements in Saks Fifth Avenue, Urban Outfitters, TJ Maxx and more. Their products not limited to audio, but also include beauty, health and wellness, home tech, and sporting goods.

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Consumer Decision Making

Date Night in Salt Lake City

Information search: Looking for an upscale, dimly lit Italian restaurant at around $100 per plate price point. Ideally centralized and near the theater we have tickets for tonight.

I Google “Best Italian restaurants near Eccles Theater” and the ten best lists populate. Among the lists, two immediately pop out – Michelangelo’s on Main, the name alone is catchy, but it only has four stars and seems casual. Walters Osteria, had good reviews and was close to the theater but didn’t seem exactly romantic from the photos. Then I came across Stanza Bistro and Wine Bar, they had good reviews, near the theater and had a moderns dimly lit dining area, perfect. This process of decision making may differ from person to person or even myself if I were looking for something let precise, lets say like a more casual, family friendly restaurants and the choices also vary in price ranges. There are options for all sorts of needs. I Imagine if the food and service were a reflection of their ratings Stanza would become our choice in many nights to come and would go without the “heavy lifting” or consumer decision making process.

Ethics & Social Responsibility

As someone who is always on the go with little free time, online marketplaces are a go to resource I rely on for everyday products. Around three years ago I ran into an ad for Grove Collaborative, a one stop shop for everyday products that have been ethically sourced to be sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty free. They allow their consumers to do their part in helping our environment without having to do to the heavy lifting.

Grove Collaborative’s marketplace includes household cleaning supplies, ethically sourced beauty and personal care products and my personal favorite, the latter for children too! Grove is on a mission to become 100% plastic free by 2025, they partner with likeminded small companies to better expand and pursue their efforts. They’ve created program like “Beyond Plastic” and making returning their recyclable products directly to them convenient and will even send you a prepaid label to do so.

Their quest is one I personally admire and being a consumer for only three years, I’ve watched them enter mass market stores like Target and grow their message through educating their buyers with articles and advertising. I’d love to see more pressure applied on all companies, consumer products and audiences with more marketing campaigns and seminars on how to effectively source and make better choices outside of their platform.

The company truly allows its consumers to feel as though they’re contributing to the cause, which they are because the environmental change starts small, at home, with us and our everyday choices. Grove Collaborative is based on ethical and social responsibility and I’m eager to see where they go.

Amanda Perez-Hines

Hello, my name is Amanda Hines, I’m majoring in Business Management. I’m a mother of two with a full time career in brand licensing while also studying full time any chance in between. When I so rarely find free time, I love to salsa dance and take lessons with my partner. I’m a Brooklyn native, born and raised New Yorker and I cant imagine living or being anywhere else. Here’s my BMCC email: