Does the writer’s race matter when the narrative deals with issues of race, probably it does. Each person doesn’t matter what race they are, they experience racism in their own way. Even though the writer is white and the story that Kate Chopin wrote Desiree’s Baby there is racism in it. Desiree had a baby that was born black. But she is a white lady and supposedly the father is white too, so why would the baby be born darker than both of them? Not knowing that the father’s mother is black, she died when he was young. The father Armand did not accept that the child was born darker. Desiree still loves her son and was leaving with him because the father didn’t want them anymore. Majority of the people that experience racism is people of color, back then the black were slaves and nowadays there racism against people of color. Black’s authors write more about their experience growing up as a colored person. 

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