Daily Archives: November 29, 2022


The race of the writer will always matter when the narrative deals with the issue of race. The reader must know the race of the writer in order to understand the perspective of the writing. Readers need to know if the writing comes from a place of experience or from one’s assumption of how the issue of race may have gone. The details of someone’s experience with racial issues will always be more meaningful than from someone else’s view on it. The person writing from an outside looking in view may downplay the profundity of the issue of race. There is an exception if learning and teaching about race issues is your life’s work. If you’ve spent years studying and interviewing people so that you can bring their experiences to an audience because it is hard for their voices to be heard, then I think that it is plausible. I believe that is the impact Kate Chopin has had with her writings. Bringing the voice of minorities as well as her own to the forefront.