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 Effects of Colonization on Identity

Victor this character, throughout the story THIS IS WHAT IT MEANS
ARIZONA we can see how colonization negatively affects Victor and his relationships. One key example that i noticed is his interaction with Cathy the gymnast.

Cathy the gymnast smiled and waved


“She was really nice,

” Thomas said.

“Yeah, but everybody talks to everybody on airplanes,

Victor said. “It’s too bad we can’t always be that way.”

“You always used to tell me I think too much,

” Thomas

said. “Now it sounds like you do.”

PAGE 108
Sherman Alexie

Here we are exposed to Victor’s mindset towards the outside world. We can see how he truly expects Americans to be unfriendly or judgmental of their lifestyle or way of being. This honestly eye-opening. We can come to the conclusion that Victor looked at himself as inferior to Cathy and was fearful to ever open up to interacting with americans. Maybe his surroundings painted Americans as enemies. We will never know but it’s a question that clears many uncertainties.


Feminism in Ichiyo

In The Thirteenth Night, Oseki plays a major role as a women character demonstrating the place women held during the historical era when The Thirteenth Night was published. The character Oseki, based on my own understanding represents how socially unequal women were during this period of time. Women were not given the same opportunity men were given, so how can the society ever see the potential that women carry. Women during this time were placed in a box that limited their ability to reach maximum potential. Women’s destiny and desire were basically given and placed over them. The freedom to choose your career and pursue with fervor and intensity simply wasn’t an option. The power possessed by woman truly can described as a vulnerable newborn who has the inability to feed himself. During this time period women were held to the same standards they couldn’t make their own decisions. Influenced to seek a man with power and money to climb up the ladder of social classes. Man, what a terrible way to live life seeking love because of status. But times have changed According to Forbes magazine “In the last 100 years the IQ scores of both men and women have risen but women’s have risen faster.” We now as a society can see how much women offer to our society; we as humans have been created to complement each other not to be superior to each other. Yet he/she who is superior is he or she that recognizes that can place their personal desire aside and serve others. The trait of serving has completely diminished in our society applying to both genders, we live in a society that is lovers of themselves. Only if our selflessness was to increase a tad bit feminism and racism wouldn’t even be an issue. We must look beyond these socially issues and look a bit beyond the line of social inequality.

11 The greatest among you must be a servant. 12 But those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

Matthew 23:11-12

Marxism in 13th Night

Elisjoe Ramirez

Throughout the development of the story as readers we begin to see the significant impact Oseki’s socioeconomic status affects her relationships. It would be accurate to say this effective is negative, but again technically this is my opinion. Now I promise my primary focus from now on is to demonstrate how it primarily affected her in a negative manner. When it comes to the relationship Ozeki has with her husband we clearly see how she is used as a punching bag receiving emotional hits from Isamu. What really stood out to me, how insecure she is. We can see how she avoids expressing her true emotions to her own husband. Due to how her husband makes her feel less than because she’s uneducated. In my opinion this fuels Oseki to keep quiet with more reason because she is unequipped to even speak up. It’s an extreme challenge to stand up against someone that psychologically you feel inferior to. When compare it to slavery one of the main reasons slaves stood slaves so long was because they were restricted an education. Knowledge is power, and influences in your understanding who you are as a person. In my opinion, when Oseki meets up with Roku I believes she learns that there are many people struggling go through tough situations and she isn’t the only suffering such circumstances. She reached out to her parents, and they didn’t give her the answer she was looking for. Her parents never have been exposed to such a circumstance like Ozeki was exposed to, therefore making it difficult for them to rightfully guide and instruct her. Through the lens of a Marxist Ozeki’s meeting with Roku, was very significant because it the demonstrated the perfect example of embracing each other as people and not by social class. Oseki didn’t look down on Roku rather she embraced him and longed to see him heal and get up from his unfortunate situation.