Marxism in The Thirteen Night

The story “Thirteen Night” by Higuchi Ichiyo deals with socioeconomic status. Oseki came from unwealthy family, and she is also uneducated. Oseki is married to Isamu, a higher-class person, who is wealthy and educated. Their marriage is affected by the socioeconomic status. Isamu treated Oseki horrible because she is an uneducated woman and always putting her down. Everything that she does or tries her best to do is always wrong and always complaining that she doesn’t know how to do anything correctly. Oseki decided to stay with her husband because it benefits her family, and she also can stay with her son. Oseki learned from her run in with Roku that he is in a low-ranking society, and he is also struggling. He doesn’t have money and his wife left with their daughter because he hasn’t changed his way. Plus, his daughter died too. The significance of their meeting through the lens of Marxist theory is every socioeconomic experience problem, poor being poor, a wealthy person married a poor person.  

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