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Marxism in the Thirteenth Night

Oseki came from a low social ranking family which means her family didn’t have a lot of money. Anyone growing up in a low-ranking family will try and find a way to get out of that situation. Which may reflect Oseki reasoning to marrying the man she married. Oseki does not have a happy relationship with her husband she contemplates leaving constantly, but she knows how hard it would be to do that because not only is she a woman in times were women has little to no right, but she also came from nothing. It would be hard for her and her family if she just gets up and leaves. When meeting Roku a man from Oseki past she quickly realizes he is not the man for her because she would have to continue to struggle and be a part of low-ranking society.

Feminism in Ichiyo

During the time of the Thirteenth Night, women did not have equal rights. In fact, women weren’t allowed to work or even had limited learning abilities. Women had little resources to support their families so many resorted to prostitution or being a mistress. A writer back then named Ichiyo struggled with being a writer back then because the little resources women had, and it reflected in her writing although she had an education. Women were instructed to stay home to cook and clean and take care of their families. Women had little to no power during those times. I believe the characters in Ichiyo stories represent with her struggles being a woman back then.


When reading about slavery you would think a person of color would be the writer of story but that’s not always the case. Kate Chopin was one of many writers who wrote about racism and slavery. I believe race definitely matters when the narrative deals with issues of race because the perspectives will be different. A white person may see things differently than a black person during those time because their lives were so different. Although anyone can tell someone’s story through point of view it is more accurate if someone who delt with those issues firsthand tell the story. During that time Kate Chopin did not experience the struggles of a black person so she can only share her experience.