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In chapter 17 of “Frankenstein” shows how society doesn’t accept unordinary things into their society. Frankenstein’s creator shows how he regret making this creation because of his physical qualities, he wishes he never made him because of society’s impact. Chapter 17 of Frankenstein states “I do refuse it,” I replied; “and no torture shall ever extort a consent from me. You may render me the most miserable of men, but you shall never make me base in my own eyes. Shall I create another like yourself, whose joint wickedness might desolate the world. Begone! I have answered you; you may torture me, but I will never consent.” The creator is having troubles going through with the request to make another because of Frankenstein’s looks. All the monster wanted was love and compassion just like any human.

The monster describes his passion for finding answers as well as feeling like he’s a part of this world. He wanted his creator to help him find happiness by bringing another monster into the world. The creator is struggling with agreeing to these terms. The creator is afraid of what the monsters will bring upon society because he knows they won’t be accepted and the struggles for both. Although the creator understands the monster’s passion for wanting to be happy like any other human being in society.