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About Us

The way I view my writing, is I know I am not a good writer. I realize that in my head I know what I want to write about, but when it comes to writing it on paper, it very hard for me to writing down. Everything just doesn’t make sense no more like how it did in the beginning. I know I am always going to struggle with writing because of my hearing loss in both ears. I can’t hear certain letters to pronounce a word. Honestly, I feel my writing haven’t change, and I know it not going to change. All I could do it try my best and keep on trying.

I am not really happy with my writing because I know it not my biggest strength, but the most story i enjoy writing and reading is “Desiree’s Baby” by Kate Chopin. The other one was “Gorilla, My Love” by Toni Cade Bambara. I know back then it wasn’t allowed for black and whites to be together and the baby in the story came out dark, but nowadays that is so common. Races and culture are mixed now. Gorilla my love is when the older adults say things to kids and sometime the kids take it to the hearts. I have experiences with my own kids. Those two was my favorite and also to write about it.

This semester I had and still have a lot of challenges. It is very hard to balance myself with time. I work, and I have kids of my own and on top of that I found out that I am pregnant. For two months I wasn’t able to eat or drink anything, and now I am working two jobs and full-time student, plus a single mom. This semester is very challenging moment in my life. I hope life get better.

I feel like I could have done better, if I have more time. But I appreciate you professor for teaching us and encouraging us to do our best.

The Proposal

Marriage proposal is how people want to propose. Everyone does it differently. Some guys go way overboard when they propose to their loved one. Some guys just ask the question straight up. Getting married is a big step in every person’s life, when you decide if you want to spend the rest of your life with that one person, grow together, and start a family together. In the play “The Marriage Proposal” by Anton Chekov, Lomov went to ask permission from the father Chubukov, for his daughter Natalya marriage proposal. The father said yes. The only reason Lomov is asking for her hand is because he thinks he is getting old. Lomov came to their home and started talking to Natalya, but they ended up arguing about the Oxen Meadow, who did it really belong to. Then they started to argue about whose dogs are better too. The father got involved and told them to kiss and to hurry up and get married. Nowadays social media plays a big part in people’s lives. People like to post their life on social media, especially marriage and how they got a proposal. Marriage proposal is up to how the person wants to ask their loved one to get married. 


The meaning thanksgiving mean to me is the time to spend with the family and friends, loved ones. In school growing up the teachers teaches the children that Thanksgiving Day is when the pilgrims and the Native of American came together and had dinner together. My family is from Mexico, and we don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Having kids of my own I started to celebrate it. Teaching them the meaning of thanksgiving. Is a time to spend with family and loved ones, appreciate for the things we have and the people who are always there for us.


The moral criticism in the story “Mine Eyes Have Seen” by Alice Dunbar-Nelson is both corrupting to citizens and it also shows morals. As Plato said “hold the mirror up to nature” depicting the lowest strata of human behavior because there are three brothers and sisters that only have each other. Dan the oldest and he is cripple, Lucy and Chris the youngest. Chris got drafted to join the army but he doesn’t want to go because of how this country treated his family. His father was murdered and his dead didn’t get no justice and his mother died right after. They were living in a nice home but the whites people drove them out of there like dogs because they are a black family. 

In the play the story shows that even though the family experiences in this country weren’t all great Dan wants his brother Chris to go to the army and serve his country. They have each other to help out one and another and support each other. Chris don’t want to go but in the end he does.


Reading the story “Frankenstein” chapter 17 of the novel, the creature himself feels monstrous. He feels like he doesn’t belong in this society. He asked his creator to create an opposite sex for him, he wants a companion. He wants to have someone he can run away with and also understand how he feels. The creator doesn’t honestly want to do it. The creature is monstrous and doesnt fit into this world. The creator also realized what he created was horrible to this world.“Shall I create another like yourself, whose joint wickedness might desolate the world. Begone! I have answered you; you may torture me, but I will never consent.”

  The article for The New Yorker, the author Jill Lepore writes about the autobiography of an infant, it is a slave narrative, it is a political commentary. In the article, I think there is a part where Douglass compares himself with Frankenstein. Around that time Black people were considered an outsider because they weren’t white. The white people treated people of color differently and looked weird to the white people. The political side of the book came around, “Much of “Frankenstein” participates in the debate over abolition, as several critics have astutely observed, and the revolution on which the novel most plainly turns is not the one in France but the one in Haiti.” The book impacted a lot of the people around the time the book was introduced.


“This is What it Mean” by Sherman Alexie tells the story about Victor and how his journey to Phoenix, Arizona to get his father’s ashes. The relationship with his friends and family is affected by the colonization. Victor is an Indian man. He grew up very poor and his mother is poor too. His father died of a heart attack and he needed money to go to Phoenix and pick up his father’s ashes back.The people in his area are poor too. Victor went to the Tribal Council to ask for help. But the Tribal Council couldn’t offer a lot of help, only $100. That is not enough for much. But Thomas offers to help him with money. Victor didn’t really have a good relationship with his father. The Indians were struggling to survive.  

Feminism In Ichiyo

“The Thirteenth Night” by Higuchi Ichiyo shows that women in that era didn’t really have as much power as men did. The women are supposed to obey the husband. The women have to deal with all the stuff that happens at home. The women have to take care of their kids, which is a normal and a wonderful thing to do. The most important job for a woman is being a good mom, which Oseki did when she decided to go back to her husband for their son they had together. Women around that era weren’t allowed to vote. Women that are married all they have to do is make their husband happy. In the story the way Oseki navigates through it knowing she is going to be with her son is the only thing that makes her happy. Women were protesting to get the same rights as men, especially in votes.

Marxism in The Thirteen Night

The story “Thirteen Night” by Higuchi Ichiyo deals with socioeconomic status. Oseki came from unwealthy family, and she is also uneducated. Oseki is married to Isamu, a higher-class person, who is wealthy and educated. Their marriage is affected by the socioeconomic status. Isamu treated Oseki horrible because she is an uneducated woman and always putting her down. Everything that she does or tries her best to do is always wrong and always complaining that she doesn’t know how to do anything correctly. Oseki decided to stay with her husband because it benefits her family, and she also can stay with her son. Oseki learned from her run in with Roku that he is in a low-ranking society, and he is also struggling. He doesn’t have money and his wife left with their daughter because he hasn’t changed his way. Plus, his daughter died too. The significance of their meeting through the lens of Marxist theory is every socioeconomic experience problem, poor being poor, a wealthy person married a poor person.  

Does the writer’s race matter when the narrative deals with issues of race, probably it does. Each person doesn’t matter what race they are, they experience racism in their own way. Even though the writer is white and the story that Kate Chopin wrote Desiree’s Baby there is racism in it. Desiree had a baby that was born black. But she is a white lady and supposedly the father is white too, so why would the baby be born darker than both of them? Not knowing that the father’s mother is black, she died when he was young. The father Armand did not accept that the child was born darker. Desiree still loves her son and was leaving with him because the father didn’t want them anymore. Majority of the people that experience racism is people of color, back then the black were slaves and nowadays there racism against people of color. Black’s authors write more about their experience growing up as a colored person. 

In “Gorilla, My Love” by Toni Cade Bambara is about a girl named Hazel who is told stuff by older people and she believes what the older people say to her. Even though the adults don’t really mean what they say, it might be a lie so it won’t hurt them. How careful should parents and elders in families speak around young children or should parents or elders always tell the truth to the children even though how brutal it may be. As a mother of three boys, in my opinion I think it is better to always tell them the truth no matter how brutal it may be. In the story Hazel Uncle Hunca Bubba told her “I was the cutest thing that ever walked the earth” (p.19). The uncle also told her “ you were going to marry me when I grew up” (p.19)

Hazel got mad behind that because she believed him that he was going to marry her when she grew up. Hazel gave those words some weight and meaning.  She didn’t take the saying “ I was just teasin”(p.19) well. I would prefer the children to know what is really going on in the world because eventually the children are going to be out in the real world. I want the children to be prepared for the world. Hazel’s mom is right about “Hazel— which is my real name and what she remembers to call me when she bein serious–when you got somethin on your mind, speak up and let the chips fall where they may.” (p.18). I believe in that too, I want my kids to be able to speak their mind and not to hold it in.  My middle child takes every word and says it very literally. Kids in my opinion are sensitive nowadays. I Believe in telling them the truth so they won’t feel that they have been lied to and know that you have been honest to them.