Assignment 1

Whole Foods

When I was thinking about an organization which i interact with it often, the first thing that crossed my mind was Whole Foods. I like their environment and how easy is to find variety of goods in that store, also, it is very convenient to find them wherever you go.

Something I found out about Whole foods was how they are trying to aware the costumes where their product come from, this is a social responsibility with their costumes. They also export their good from all different places, giving it such a unique perspective.

Another interesting fact about Whole foods is their Team Member Volunteer program, people can learn about the products suppliers source for sale, experience the culture and history of another community learned about the transformative power of microcredit and many other benefits.

One thing that I would like to point it out, is that Whole foods products are held to a sustainable standard not just by its ingredients, but the impact it has from sourcing to disposal. they have a strategy to prevent and divert food from entering a landfill, which includes donating millions of pounds of perishable and nonperishable foods to food banks and food rescue agencies across the US.

In conclusion, Whole Foods positioned itself to their costumers that they are worried and aware of sustainability, otherwise, if we think about all those varieties and exporting and importing those products, the  ships and transports them from far distances result in environmental pollution.



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