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Final Reflection

From when I started, I was afraid of the English class because I was suffering from Writing essay , but Professor Perry tried to help me and made it easier for me to write it. writing an essay developed and it became something normal for me, not the way I used to look at it before.

I enjoyed reading the short stories. These were the stories that I liked the most, and I feel that I can talk about them a lot. I also liked the Open Lab. I enjoyed publishing my opinion and commenting on the opinions of my friends. For me, it was funny, and I learned a lot from people’s opinions.

One of the challenges I faced in ENG 201 is drama because it is the first time for me to do something like this and I had a difficult challenge, but it was a fun challenge and I tried as much as I could to do it as required and I worked and I hope to get what I deserve.

Also liked the film we watch and í enjoyed watching it for me I like to watch film more than reading because i think reading is more harder and sometimes seeing stuff make you understand what’s going on. Thank you very much Professor Perry , for making this class an understanding class for us ,this was my last ENG class, I wanted to be with you if it wasn’t not my last class.

Marriage proposals

The play of “Marriage proposals ” by Chekhov shows that an interesting comedy approach was followed for the show. Marriage is ancient customs and traditions that define nations and peoples and still exist to this day. Marriage is still the great event that is the hallmark of one’s life. Marriage is an ancient tradition, and both men and women must adhere to it. In my opinion, although Chekhov’s play is a comedy, it cleanses the reality of what is happening in our real life. For me, marriage is more than just an imaginary show. Before you think about marriage, you must think about your goals, your future, your work, your family, your money, your livelihood, your residence, and you must overcome them before.

Mine Eyes Have Seen

In Alice Dunbar Nelson’s play “My Eyes Have Never Seen ,” I believe that Nelson’s play was written to depict immoral citizen behavior such as racism, crime, racism, intolerance, and corruption. They suffered from it, and that patriotism represents progress and hides corruption. It also shows the cruelty that was between people, and the reason is the color of the skin.

I think Nelson’s play shows how cruel people are to each other in societies. In this play, it shows all the corruption and facts. The play also shows that even though their lives weren’t great, he wanted his brother Chris to join the army and serve his country. He felt he shouldn’t risk himself to defend a country that have never defended him or his family.

Feminism in Ichiyo

In this story, it is clear that Oseki is trying as much as she can to search for her happiness, which was before she got married. She got married, but she does not feel happy. She only continues with this marriage in order to support her family economically. She only continues her unhappy marriage to solve the social status that her husband can provide for her family. One of her greatest achievements in life is that she gets rid of her husband, but the thing that prevents her is her son and her family. She endured ill-treatment in order to be with her son and help her family. The woman’s priority at that time was to obey the man.

 Marxism in the Thirteenth Night

Higuchi Ichiyo focusing on the struggles of the protagonist Hands Oseki, from a low-ranking family. Oseki left her home and came to her parent’s home to seek permission to divorce her husband, Isamu, a wealthy civil servant. Her father disapproves of the divorce, as it would mean a loss of an improved standard of living for her famil.Oseki details her unhappy marriage, and her mother supports her, but her father believes It is her responsibility to take care of her husband.Oseki decides to go back home, mostly because she believes that she would never see her son Taro again, if she got the divorce. Oseki meets her childhood friend, Kosaka Roku, who used to be in love with her, and they talk about his downward spiral since she got married. In the end, the narrative ends with them returning to their unhappy lives, unsure if they will ever see each other again. I think that the significance of their meeting in this story is every to make it clear that money do not make happiness.


In “This Is What It Means”, directed by Sherman Alexie, tells the story of a man named Victor and his journey to Phoenix, Arizona, to find his father. Victor was an Indian and had a friend named Thomas. They had a sweet friendship until the day Victor hit him and they broke up. The area and people were poor and had no money, and this shows the rule of colonialism and its impact on the descendants of Native Americans and how radically their lives are governed. Colonialism affected his family and friends economically and socially. They were so poor that when he tried to travel to look for his father, he had no money, and his friend Thomas helped him by giving him some money so that he could travel and go to the city where the father died. Being of Indian descent, they were never hired for a job, had no income or a place to work. Because of this, their financial condition was difficult.


What happens in the family greatly affects the mental and psychological health and development of children. Life does not pass without problems. Naturally, there are problems in this life, and the child must know them, and they must participate in them and responds well when the parents explain the cause of the problem and resolve their disagreement, and from here the child acquires the skill of solving it. There is no need to be too vague, but parents should be careful not to say bad words or use violence because they are a source of safety and a good example. Parents should also not speak negatively about each other so as not to sow fear and anxiety in the heart of the child because he will grow up with him and may live in a bad psychological state that affects him negatively. for consecutive years and may continue with him for life.

Writing as activism

Through the story that I read, which is gorilla my love, I expect that the author uses activities in the story, but activism other than the activism used in our time and our current society. Regardless of the change in our current society, in my opinion, I expect that writing is still effective, but not as it was before. I expect that people will not pay attention to it as much as it was in the old days, because of the developments in our society today. These days, our society focuses on the picture shown, such as demonstrations and things that happen before the eyes, as well as communication. Social, which is the thing that people have developed and used to find everything, and it is an easy and fast way, because at the present time, most people are in a hurry and do not have time to read a lot, so of course they will collect information from social communication without the need to read a lot.

Where I am from

I am from closet ,
from Shirts and pants .
I am from the top roof of a building .
I am from the tree
the branches on which the birds sit.
I am from a family member on alunch table
and happy moments ,
I am from mohammed and layla,
I am from a big brothers
From a bed mattress
From a Kind heart
and merciful heart .
I am from the islam
from a muslims family
I’m from New York and Yemen ,
From a chicken over rice
From the First grade school
the Nice friends
and the good times
I am from an Iphone Albums