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Marriage Proposal

Proposals have been become a large deal over the years. Many people care about how grand their proposal is. It has become such a big deal that many people believe the sincere part of proposals have been stripped away and many people believe them to be stupid. In the play the main character is extremely nervous about proposing and it gets worse as the play goes on. They begin to argue over who owns the field and completely forget about the reason he came over in the first place. After Natalia realizes he came to propose her tone changes.

Many people focus on the proposal and forget about the real work that is to be done after marriage.

What Thanksgiving Means

I know thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to be thankful and bless others but after knowing how many indigenous people would liken to boycott against thanksgiving I try to not equate thanksgiving with being thankful. I only relate it to big meals and a lot of food. My family still meets for the holiday so it is a time to see those I don’t see throughout the year. I try to find other ways to show my family I’m thankful for them. Food wise thanksgiving means Mac and cheese, rice and peas, and other delicious dishes.

Final Reflection

Over the course of the semester I was able to read interesting pieces of work and practice writing in a multitude of ways. It was sometimes challenging for me to put my thoughts down and into my writing. I think I grew in ways such as not overthinking when it comes to essays and poems. I have a style of writing in a way that is almost like a conversation and like using certain terms.

My two pieces I’m proud of would be my essay on women’s oppressions and my post on whether parents should joke with their kids are not. My women’s oppressions essay took a lot of thought and originality and is a piece I feel like a deserved a good grade on. I used a lot of time finding a good enough hook and captivating introduction paragraph. My post on parents joking with their children mentions ideas I wish to share and I like how I articulated it.

My biggest challenge this semester was completing all of my assignments and time management. I worked two jobs this semester and often found myself lacking motivation at the end of the semester like other students. I felt that the work I would submit could be better so I ended up taking longer to submit them.

This course provided me the opportunity to read various interesting pieces, some of which I would read on my own. I was able to learn more about poem and film analysis as well as theatre.

Government: Alexie

Two characteristics of the government existing in Sherman Alexis’s poem but not shown (the US Government) is tyrannical and selfish. Tyrannical because indigenous people’s lives were controlled in every aspect. Where they lived, how much money they had, what school they went to and more. Selfish because the land that was rightfully the natives were stripped for them only to be told where they could live and how much land they were able to have. Millions of acres reduced to small reservations. Bountiful resources now turned to drugs, alcohol and poor nutrition. Rather than sharing resources they keep as much to themselves as possible. The government shown in the poem, the tribal government, is one that is giving. They try to help their community with what they have. They are also traditional, tribe governments have been around in many indigenous cultures.

Ichiyo and Feminism

In the short story “The Thirteenth Night” by Ichiyo, the feminism literary theory can be observed. The main character Oseki is subjected to remain in her abusive marriage because of the ridicule she will face from society, the effect it will have on her family, and her not being able to see her son if she leaves. She attempts to leave her abusive husband and gets guidance from her parents. Oseki’s mother is immediately supportive, her father thinks about the situation but worries about the outcome and tells her to go back home. In her time period, similar to ours, the patriarchal values leave women dependent on their husbands. Oseki could symbolize the many women who do not have freedom. She has to stay in her relationship to prevent other horrible things from happening to her. Women often remain in their situations due to a lack of opportunities and how they will be treated when they try to obtain better lives. Women did not have much power but navigated through education if they were of higher class. Some used deception and hidden secrets.

Adults “Just Teasin'”

In my opinion, parents should have a balance. They should be as truthful as possible while taking the feelings of their children into consideration. There are few circumstances where withholding parts of the truth may be justifiable but, if parents respect their children and their intelligence they should be able to be truthful within reason. For example, rather than telling a child their toy disappeared, another approach can be tested, such as explaining to them that their play time is up and they will have another opportunity to play at a later time. This method is not always sound of course, but as long as there is an attempt, a healthy relationship should be able to foster without deception. Nobody is perfect but doing something one out of ten times is better than not doing it at all. Making an attempt at being truthful is better than going straight to deception and not trying to be truthful at all. 

Parents and elders should be conscious of how they speak around young children, this could be being careful or it could just be acknowledging that they might hear what is said. Children internalize so many things, and they are just beginning to understand languages and how people communicate with each other, it is hard for them to always differentiate between what is appropriate for their age, what is appropriate in certain situations or with certain people, what is a joke, what is sarcasm, and what is the truth. So, while many conversations can be learning experiences or a way to spend time with family, sometimes censoring or an explanation would be beneficial. 

I feel that adults should try to tell the truth when possible, but the truth does not always have to be brutal; When considering feelings and respect is a part, the truth is often easier to accept. Nice things should be told to children when it is true or if a situation requires it, sugar coating is not necessary if you approach a conversation with respect for the other person, even if they are a child. Adults should mean what they say until children are able to comprehend the other aspects of language. The instability of life can be taught other ways that do not involve risking the credibility of their words. If adults teach kids how little words can mean, kids often say reckless things, this should only be taught when the kids also understand the weight words can have. Adults should avoid “just teasin” kids if they have no intention of explaining to them that they are in fact just teasing, or if the kids are unable to come to that conclusion on their own. If the child is aware they are not to take something serious, or if they can decipher whether something is a joke or not on their own, “just teasin” is fine because there would not be any consequences. Children will not feel hurt, confused, or deceived and adults will not lose the children’s trust or the credibility of their word. It is not an easy thing to keep in mind or execute, but when there is an attempt, all of these things are possible with children even if it is only some of the time.

Writing as Activism

In my opinion, writing can still be a viable means of activism for BIPOC in the present-day United States. Activism, no matter what form, is still viable because it further broadcasts the voices of the oppressed. Almost any way that spreads awareness is viable to activism because attention is needed. The larger number of people reached, the more action that can be taken, and more support can be offered. In the age of social media, marches, and news reports, formal writing is still necessary to reach those that are removed from today’s age; those that prefer to read and form their own opinions. People still look for writers for empowerment, especially if they’re somewhat famous or have a fan base, so they can spread awareness through their pieces. Many people have been moved by pieces written by authors which lead them to be a part of a movement or support one. 

Writing is still a reasonable form of activism even in present-day America because writing is in everything. It’s needed for the articles that inform others and are posted on the web and social media accounts, it’s in the instagram posts that calls on people to take action, it’s used for the speeches given at thousands of marches, and it’s in the scripts for the news anchors that deliver to millions of  people. Writing invokes thoughts, feelings, and inspiration, all things essential for movements and activism as a whole. Writing is an eternal means of liberation because writing in itself is eternal, writing is how we communicate, share information, connect, explain, teach, and more. As long as activism is necessary, writing will be necessary as well.

Who Said It Was Simple (erasure)

There are so many roots to the tree of anger
that sometimes the branches shatter
before they bear.

Sitting in Medicks
women rally before they march
discussing the problematic girls
they hire
to make them free.
An almost white counterman passes
a waiting brother to serve them first
and the ladies
neither notice nor reject
the slighter pleasures of their slavery.
But I who am bound by my mirror
as well as my bed
see causes in colour
as well as sex

and sit here wondering
which me will survive
all these liberations.

Where I’m From

Where I’m From 

I am from soft blankets,

and from Swiss miss hot chocolate and marshmallows.

I am from the cozy, brick house on the end of the dead end street

I am from the lilies and succulents,

I am from one Christmas present at twelve a.m.

and clumsiness.

From the Hoods,

the Grenions and more.

I am from the hard workers

and the givers.

I’m from Manhasset, NY, Guyana and Antigua,

from warm peppa pot on Christmas morning.

From the toddler version of myself being the boss of my dad,

and the toddler version of myself making him sit down and watch cartoons with me while a

party was going on outside.

From my sister trying alcohol for the first time, not being able to hold it at all.

I am from the picture books and binders, the picture frames placed delicately in our home

The pictures highlighting the major and passing moments of our lives,

My mom graduating from college,

My sister holding me,

My grandma, mom, and sister smiling before I was ever a thought

and my mom embracing two of her girls.