Final Reflection

From when I started, I was afraid of the English class because I was suffering from Writing essay , but Professor Perry tried to help me and made it easier for me to write it. writing an essay developed and it became something normal for me, not the way I used to look at it before.

I enjoyed reading the short stories. These were the stories that I liked the most, and I feel that I can talk about them a lot. I also liked the Open Lab. I enjoyed publishing my opinion and commenting on the opinions of my friends. For me, it was funny, and I learned a lot from people’s opinions.

One of the challenges I faced in ENG 201 is drama because it is the first time for me to do something like this and I had a difficult challenge, but it was a fun challenge and I tried as much as I could to do it as required and I worked and I hope to get what I deserve.

Also liked the film we watch and í enjoyed watching it for me I like to watch film more than reading because i think reading is more harder and sometimes seeing stuff make you understand what’s going on. Thank you very much Professor Perry , for making this class an understanding class for us ,this was my last ENG class, I wanted to be with you if it wasn’t not my last class.

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