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Final Reflection

Fall 2022 semester, a semester for the ages that I will never forget. After taking almost a two-year break dating back to Spring semester 2021. Coming into this semester I honestly had no idea what to expect, but it went better than expected. In day-to-day life this class helped manage my time so much better. The deadline leniency helped me manage my tight schedule. Never did I ever have so much on plate, while attending school looking back everything turned out alright. Thanks to Jesus Christ of course the only reason, I’ve made it this far. 100% made a lot of progress with my writing style, I used to hate writing, but this classed pushed me more towards enjoying it. What’s difficult for me is more putting my thoughts into words. For example, my research paper in the first couple hours into beginning I knew exactly what I wanted to write. Two things delayed me the tiresome research for evidence and putting all my ideas into sentences. Honestly, it difficult for me to see my writing style being that I’m accustomed to it. I feel it’s easier for an audience to observe and explain it to me. Something I look forward for Professor Perry to do.
            My research paper, Respect Wolf’s Bane Terrain. I’m super proud YES it gave me so much headaches, but it turned out pretty good. Lots of headaches because I wanted to finish in one night. But I accepted my fate, I CANNOT finish an essay in one night just not my skill. I’ve always struggled writing an essay quickly, because I care and overthink everything. This is why I’m completely against the NYS state test. The test honestly doesn’t determine your true educational level not everyone can write an essay in 3 hours. FOR Elisjoe he needs a good 2-3 weeks to fully dedicate his time. Back to the point, Respect Wolf’s Bane Terrain I love because through the making of it I learned so much. I saw aspects of Isamu I didn’t discover when I first read the story. I can say I was in the zone, but more towards the end. Starting off the essay I struggled and finding evidence tired me out and had me imagining myself throwing tantrums. Yes, imagining because, then it means I have no self-control.
            The biggest challenge were the modules where drama and plays were covered. Don’t mean to be a vibe-killer but drama just isn’t my preference. Prometheus Bound had me confused, I was like what are these people speaking about lol. The accent and the moral behind the story just didn’t add up for me. My least favorite topic this class. The time management is a concept I’m stilling learning, going to next semester I’m toward getting my assignments done weeks before the deadline. That’s my goal.
            Overall, Professor Perry was a class act professor. I remember before the semester researching each professor on Rate My Professor lol, the comments shared sold me on her. I just told myself YES! This my type of class. They weren’t lying when they said a lot of writing but overall, my favorite professor. Catch me on Rate my professor I’ll be leaving 5-star review.


My writing from the start of this semester has improved although not a lot. I’ve learned new ways to go about writing and fixed up my grammar a little but all in all it is better than when I first started and that is what matters. One major thing that I did learn and will be using is the felt sense writing method as it helped with getting my ideas out and flowing. 1 thing I did learn about myself as a writer is that I have a mental block that doesn’t allow me to express myself fully in writing as I am too worried about getting a grade performing well on the assignment. These 8 weeks have allowed to be learn about my potential and skills in writing \

My first piece of writing that im proud of is my essay as i had a very hard time getting started and trying to figure out what to write as I struggle with writing but when Professor perry taught me thee writing sense method I learned a new way of getting my ideas out and worrying less about trying to get everything correct. Another piece of writing would be the poems we created at the start of the semester. It was interesting seeing and new form of writing and seeing people’s creativity. I wouldn’t say any of these are my best writing but they were game me some form of freedom when writing so i wasn’t fully locked in and forced to give an idea or thought that wasn’t mine 

Time management was hard for me as I do have trouble just getting work especially for assignments that I don’t enjoy doing such as essays but I did my best to get what I could done and professor Perry made that objective easier for me as a student. Besides that the only other problem i had was with expressing my ideas 

All in all this class was very enjoyable I and i did enjoy some of the writing assignments and I learned how to be more expressive when doing so 

thanksgiving means aunties cooking and uncles jokes.

Thanksgiving makes me feel warm. When family comes around you get into a positive mood because you know you are about to be surrounded by people you love. Sometimes you can feel isolated and lonely because all your family members are busy working, and you do not hang around as much as when you were kids. That’s what makes holiday breaks so great. A chance to eat some homemade food that you know your aunty put her all into and crack jokes with your favorite uncle. It’s these special moments that lift you up and keep you going.

Thanksgiving as a kid meant eating turkey and learning about Native Americans sharing a meal with Pilgrims, but now as I’ve gotten older, I have realized that not just that simple. The basis of this holiday brings up centuries-old unhealed wounds for many people on this land. Spending time with your family is great, but it is important that we remember, listen to, and uplift our indigenous people during celebrations with this kind of deep negative meaning behind it. We as citizens may not be able to make much change, but we can show our deepest regrets and appreciations for those who deserve it.


  At the start of the course, I was new to college writing. My writing skills weren’t bad but I needed some exquisite tuning.A lot of the skills I have translated over seamlessly elevated from high school till now. I was consistently excellent at receiving details and laying down a foundation. Alongside that, I’ve consistently found writing simple once I had a literary device in mind. 

     From my research, it appears that literature is a work of figurative language or beautiful language that often contains stories in everyday life. I have learned a lot about this topic and understand that literary works from the past were published through reading them in front of an audience. The writing I was most proud of is my literally analysis essay because it’s essay based on something I stand for feminist rights. This essay was very easy for me because I could understand what the writer of “ the thirteenth night “ was feeling when they wrote this.

        The biggest challenge for me during the 15 weeks of this class was managing all assignments. I feel as though that is someone I should work on so I won’t get too overwhelmed. Although most of the work was pretty understanding as long as I clearly read through the text and understood the literary work I didn’t have a hard time completing the assignment. 

        For as long as I have been in school my writing classes have always been my favorite class, because of how creative we can be. Writing can take you many places as long as you allow it. Although this class was tougher than the usual English classes I take, I truly appreciate the art in writing. I hope to continue writing and learning new things to better my skills. 

About Us

The way I view my writing, is I know I am not a good writer. I realize that in my head I know what I want to write about, but when it comes to writing it on paper, it very hard for me to writing down. Everything just doesn’t make sense no more like how it did in the beginning. I know I am always going to struggle with writing because of my hearing loss in both ears. I can’t hear certain letters to pronounce a word. Honestly, I feel my writing haven’t change, and I know it not going to change. All I could do it try my best and keep on trying.

I am not really happy with my writing because I know it not my biggest strength, but the most story i enjoy writing and reading is “Desiree’s Baby” by Kate Chopin. The other one was “Gorilla, My Love” by Toni Cade Bambara. I know back then it wasn’t allowed for black and whites to be together and the baby in the story came out dark, but nowadays that is so common. Races and culture are mixed now. Gorilla my love is when the older adults say things to kids and sometime the kids take it to the hearts. I have experiences with my own kids. Those two was my favorite and also to write about it.

This semester I had and still have a lot of challenges. It is very hard to balance myself with time. I work, and I have kids of my own and on top of that I found out that I am pregnant. For two months I wasn’t able to eat or drink anything, and now I am working two jobs and full-time student, plus a single mom. This semester is very challenging moment in my life. I hope life get better.

I feel like I could have done better, if I have more time. But I appreciate you professor for teaching us and encouraging us to do our best.

final reflection

I would describe my body of work this semester as a challenge I needed. Whether, it was a success or a failure, it was something I know I will grow from. What stands out to me is my actual interest in these stories. I found myself able to relate to a few characters and authors we read about. The characters and I do not have the exact same lives or upbringings, but there were some events that happened in their lives that reminded me I experienced something similar. The feminist stories where something that naturally stood out to me being that I share a common interest. Though I feel like my writing skills may not have progressed, I have discovered new writing styles that I can use to practice bettering my skills. I realized that I like creative writings like scripts and poems more than formal writing like research essays. My journey over these 15 weeks has been daring and eye-opening.

The erasure poem is the piece I’m most proud of. Its the first time I’ve expressed the personal issues I go through publicly. Although the poem may be hard to understand, I know what it means to me and how good it felt to put those emotions into writing. My experience while crafting the poem was liberating and meaningful. I gathered words that I knew explained my journey best, and the poem developed into something that made it easy for me to share.

This semester I can say I struggle with time management. Between work and school there was a unbalanced distribution of my time. My hardest class was public speaking. The work wasn’t necessarily difficult, but it was the fear of presenting that really affected me. I felt like my anxiety would take over and I couldn’t produce the high quality performance that I would have liked to and know that I was capable of doing.

Overall, this class and this semester was an experience worth having. I interacted with people, which hasn’t happened a lot since covid, and I engaged in my classes to the best of my ability. I will always constantly try to push myself. Life isn’t an easy road but its still a road worth taking.

Where I’m From

I am from the city

from buildings and blinding lights

I am from hot summer days

And cold winter nights

I am from the mountain valleys

And two seasons

I’m from Friday night adventures

Lost in downtown

I’m from sparrows

And squirrels

I’m from two News

Both York and Jersey

I’m from the country on the Equator

I am from a mind

who longs for freedom

Final reflections

I have always felt most comfortable reading and writing about fiction and non-fiction, and that was true in my writing this term. Writing about different works by Sherman Alexie cae relatively easily, and writing “The Thirteenth Night” by Ichiyo Higuchi was also not so hard, even though the story was written a long time ago, in a very different culture.

I would say that my paper about Sherman Alexie’s “This is What it Means To Say Phoenix, Arizona.” shows me at my best. I was able to use his biography “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me: A Memoir,” which I had read previously and really liked. And because I looked at the story through psychoanalytic theory, I was able to use many things that I know about his life. I know that Alexie is a complicated person, but I can relate to the many medical problems he has had throughout his life.

I have more trouble with poetry and drama because they’re more abstract. I do like the poetry of  Jimmy Santiago Baca, though, so didn’t mind so much analyzing “So Mexicans Are Taking Jobs From Americans.” The erasure poetry assignment was really hard for me, though. I couldn’t really get that.

 And drama was hard to analyze, both Chekhov’s “The Proposal” and Alice Dunbar-Nelson’s “Mine Eyes Have Seen. I like seeing plays performed on stage, but reading them is different, and harder.

Final Reflections

Professor Perry,

ENG 201 was by far one of my most interesting courses this semester, the literature I have read has taught me that beautiful stories are worth analyzing and most of all, worth enjoying. As the course has progressed, I’ve found it easier and easier to express my thoughts and ideas regarding the pieces we’ve all read together, and I feel more confident in my writing abilities!

I enjoyed reading “The Thirteenth Night” and I also loved analyzing “Frankenstein.” These were the stories that I liked the most and I feel that my work demonstrated that. This course allowed me to express myself creatively while also exploring the wonderful opinions and thoughts of my classmates. It was fun to interact with everyone’s work and witness different assessments. Writing a short play was incredibly interesting and I didn’t realize how fun it could be to write dialogue for characters, it was a nice and fun assignment to finish off the semester (and the year) with!

My biggest challenge this semester did not revolve around a particular course or its work, but instead my own motivation. I had to push through and find discipline beyond temporary inspiration. I know that many classmates can agree, especially as we approached the colder and darker months.

Thank you so much for making this class such a pleasure. I looked forward to all the assignments! This was my final ENG course, and now as all my upcoming courses will revolve around STEM, I feel sad.


The meaning thanksgiving mean to me is the time to spend with the family and friends, loved ones. In school growing up the teachers teaches the children that Thanksgiving Day is when the pilgrims and the Native of American came together and had dinner together. My family is from Mexico, and we don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Having kids of my own I started to celebrate it. Teaching them the meaning of thanksgiving. Is a time to spend with family and loved ones, appreciate for the things we have and the people who are always there for us.