Final Reflection

Over the course of the semester I was able to read interesting pieces of work and practice writing in a multitude of ways. It was sometimes challenging for me to put my thoughts down and into my writing. I think I grew in ways such as not overthinking when it comes to essays and poems. I have a style of writing in a way that is almost like a conversation and like using certain terms.

My two pieces I’m proud of would be my essay on women’s oppressions and my post on whether parents should joke with their kids are not. My women’s oppressions essay took a lot of thought and originality and is a piece I feel like a deserved a good grade on. I used a lot of time finding a good enough hook and captivating introduction paragraph. My post on parents joking with their children mentions ideas I wish to share and I like how I articulated it.

My biggest challenge this semester was completing all of my assignments and time management. I worked two jobs this semester and often found myself lacking motivation at the end of the semester like other students. I felt that the work I would submit could be better so I ended up taking longer to submit them.

This course provided me the opportunity to read various interesting pieces, some of which I would read on my own. I was able to learn more about poem and film analysis as well as theatre.

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