Final Reflections

During this semester I have learned a lot about myself and my writing. I learned that even when analyzing work, there is a place for creativity. As humans we can not help but to relate things to our personal experiences. Literature as an art form comes from a deep personal place that must be acknowledged when discussing it. Through the assignments this semester I learned to look at works of literature from many different points of view. I have become more confident in my opinions as well as my writing. 

An assignment that I personally found memorable was the eraser poem. I found it interesting how everyone approached it in different ways. The endless amount of outcomes that could be achieved using a technique such as blackout poetry was fascinating to think about. It was a good example of writing as a creative outlet. I also enjoyed researching aspects of feminist history for the research paper I chose to write about The Thirteenth Night. It was challenging but also fulfilling. 

This semester has been challenging for me in a few ways. I found the condensed schedule of multiple classes in the express session difficult at times, but still manageable. This was my first semester back to school after taking some time to explore different options. I enjoyed the experience and hope to continue taking fulfilling classes in the future. 

Receiving feedback from my peers was a highlight of this semester. I engaged with other students in this way during multiple classes. It is reassuring to hear that your work has been noticed. It is also interesting to see others opinions and ways of looking at things that might be different from yours. Overall, I had a good experience learning about new things, as well as myself. 

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