At the start of the course, I was new to college writing. My writing skills weren’t bad but I needed some exquisite tuning.A lot of the skills I have translated over seamlessly elevated from high school till now. I was consistently excellent at receiving details and laying down a foundation. Alongside that, I’ve consistently found writing simple once I had a literary device in mind. 

     From my research, it appears that literature is a work of figurative language or beautiful language that often contains stories in everyday life. I have learned a lot about this topic and understand that literary works from the past were published through reading them in front of an audience. The writing I was most proud of is my literally analysis essay because it’s essay based on something I stand for feminist rights. This essay was very easy for me because I could understand what the writer of “ the thirteenth night “ was feeling when they wrote this.

        The biggest challenge for me during the 15 weeks of this class was managing all assignments. I feel as though that is someone I should work on so I won’t get too overwhelmed. Although most of the work was pretty understanding as long as I clearly read through the text and understood the literary work I didn’t have a hard time completing the assignment. 

        For as long as I have been in school my writing classes have always been my favorite class, because of how creative we can be. Writing can take you many places as long as you allow it. Although this class was tougher than the usual English classes I take, I truly appreciate the art in writing. I hope to continue writing and learning new things to better my skills. 

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