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  At the start of the course, I was new to college writing. My writing skills weren’t bad but I needed some exquisite tuning.A lot of the skills I have translated over seamlessly elevated from high school till now. I was consistently excellent at receiving details and laying down a foundation. Alongside that, I’ve consistently found writing simple once I had a literary device in mind. 

     From my research, it appears that literature is a work of figurative language or beautiful language that often contains stories in everyday life. I have learned a lot about this topic and understand that literary works from the past were published through reading them in front of an audience. The writing I was most proud of is my literally analysis essay because it’s essay based on something I stand for feminist rights. This essay was very easy for me because I could understand what the writer of “ the thirteenth night “ was feeling when they wrote this.

        The biggest challenge for me during the 15 weeks of this class was managing all assignments. I feel as though that is someone I should work on so I won’t get too overwhelmed. Although most of the work was pretty understanding as long as I clearly read through the text and understood the literary work I didn’t have a hard time completing the assignment. 

        For as long as I have been in school my writing classes have always been my favorite class, because of how creative we can be. Writing can take you many places as long as you allow it. Although this class was tougher than the usual English classes I take, I truly appreciate the art in writing. I hope to continue writing and learning new things to better my skills. 

marriage proposal

Chekhov Play ” The marriage proposal” shows the harsh reality of marriage specifically in the nineteenth century. Many people only get married for money and status instead of love, which is supposed to be the reason to get married. Although Natasha and Yvonne don’t have an actual love connection, Yvonne wants to marry Natasha to gain economic status. Yvonne and Natasha relationship isn’t daisies and roses like any other couple who is getting married, they happen to be arguing a lot. Chekhov shows the reality of what would happen if two incompatible people were to get married. Chekhov still reflects today because of social media; more people marry for status.

Mine eyes have never seen

Alice Dunbar-Nelson play “Mine eyes have never seen ” shows the horrific and domestic lives of black families back then. During that time many black families were being separated due to the racism they had to experience. The play consists of a black father and husband who was lynched due to his racist white neighbors who did not want him to be successful. The man’s family which consists of his wife and three children is having a hard taking this in as they have to move up north. Tragically the mother passes away due to pneumonia and heartbreak shortly after.

This play shows moral criticism by showing how humans are cruel to each other in societies. In this play it shows the harsh realities in a society. A man with a promising career and beautiful because of the hatred and jealousy of others. Society has always been filled with people who in competition and comparison with others when in reality it shouldn’t be like that. People cause others pain and suffering since the beginning of time in a society.


In chapter 17 of “Frankenstein” shows how society doesn’t accept unordinary things into their society. Frankenstein’s creator shows how he regret making this creation because of his physical qualities, he wishes he never made him because of society’s impact. Chapter 17 of Frankenstein states “I do refuse it,” I replied; “and no torture shall ever extort a consent from me. You may render me the most miserable of men, but you shall never make me base in my own eyes. Shall I create another like yourself, whose joint wickedness might desolate the world. Begone! I have answered you; you may torture me, but I will never consent.” The creator is having troubles going through with the request to make another because of Frankenstein’s looks. All the monster wanted was love and compassion just like any human.

The monster describes his passion for finding answers as well as feeling like he’s a part of this world. He wanted his creator to help him find happiness by bringing another monster into the world. The creator is struggling with agreeing to these terms. The creator is afraid of what the monsters will bring upon society because he knows they won’t be accepted and the struggles for both. Although the creator understands the monster’s passion for wanting to be happy like any other human being in society.


Victor quickly realizes how much has changed around him. He realizes how the idea of colonization has had a huge effect on his people. The reality of how native American faced so many problems like violence, poverty etc. Victor and his friend Thomas have overcome so many obstacles from the death of their father, as well as father absentee. The two boys have a strong desire to escape their reality. Although they different ideas on how their society should be.

Marxism in the Thirteenth Night

Oseki came from a low social ranking family which means her family didn’t have a lot of money. Anyone growing up in a low-ranking family will try and find a way to get out of that situation. Which may reflect Oseki reasoning to marrying the man she married. Oseki does not have a happy relationship with her husband she contemplates leaving constantly, but she knows how hard it would be to do that because not only is she a woman in times were women has little to no right, but she also came from nothing. It would be hard for her and her family if she just gets up and leaves. When meeting Roku a man from Oseki past she quickly realizes he is not the man for her because she would have to continue to struggle and be a part of low-ranking society.

Feminism in Ichiyo

During the time of the Thirteenth Night, women did not have equal rights. In fact, women weren’t allowed to work or even had limited learning abilities. Women had little resources to support their families so many resorted to prostitution or being a mistress. A writer back then named Ichiyo struggled with being a writer back then because the little resources women had, and it reflected in her writing although she had an education. Women were instructed to stay home to cook and clean and take care of their families. Women had little to no power during those times. I believe the characters in Ichiyo stories represent with her struggles being a woman back then.


When reading about slavery you would think a person of color would be the writer of story but that’s not always the case. Kate Chopin was one of many writers who wrote about racism and slavery. I believe race definitely matters when the narrative deals with issues of race because the perspectives will be different. A white person may see things differently than a black person during those time because their lives were so different. Although anyone can tell someone’s story through point of view it is more accurate if someone who delt with those issues firsthand tell the story. During that time Kate Chopin did not experience the struggles of a black person so she can only share her experience.


Author Toni Cade Bambara wrote a story called ” Gorilla My Love” in 1971. This is a story about a young girl named Hazel who was raised to speak her truth and always be true to herself. Many children around the world are raised with those same values but is it right. Parents should be very careful about the things they say to their children because children easily pick up on things and mimic or even exaggerate things. Parents should always tell their children the truth because one day they will grow up to see the world for what it is. Although it should be to extent, children should be told only what they need to know because you still want them to be a child. In the story the character Hazel stood up for herself because she felt she needed to stand up for what’s right and that was what her parents taught her. According to “Gorilla My Love” My Daddy had the suspect it was me cause Big Brood got a big mouth. But I explained right quick what the whole thing was about, and I figured it was even-steven. Cause if you say Gorilla, My Love, you supposed to mean it. […] I mean even gangsters in the movies say My word is my bond. So don’t nobody get away with nothing far as I’m concerned.” Hazel takes everything her parents taught her literally and will do anything even setting a movie theatre on fire to stand her ground. So, although Hazel parents tried to teach her the right things, with children you have to be extremely careful and explain what you want them to follow in life.