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marriage proposal

Chekhov Play ” The marriage proposal” shows the harsh reality of marriage specifically in the nineteenth century. Many people only get married for money and status instead of love, which is supposed to be the reason to get married. Although Natasha and Yvonne don’t have an actual love connection, Yvonne wants to marry Natasha to gain economic status. Yvonne and Natasha relationship isn’t daisies and roses like any other couple who is getting married, they happen to be arguing a lot. Chekhov shows the reality of what would happen if two incompatible people were to get married. Chekhov still reflects today because of social media; more people marry for status.


I define the story of Frankenstein and his creation as possibly reflecting criticism of how slaves were treated. Frankenstein knew the body parts of the corpses were dead, yet he still knew he could bring them back to life. They considered slaves as not humans, yet they had them doing human labor. Something you could not get any other living thing to do the way a HUMAN would understand to do. Calling slaves unhuman was their way of offsetting the guilt and the inhumanness they knew they were doing to slaves. In the book it explained that the monster learned how to read, write, and communicate. With that came the development of thoughts, emotions, and desires for the monster. This explains why slave masters did not want slaves to read and write because they did not want them to be able to think and form opinions for themselves like thoughts of liberation and freedom. 

The people in the book did not want to bother with the monster because of the way he looked. It reflects the discrimination slaves endured because of their skin color and being called non-human. The blind character in the book spoke with the monster because he had nothing to judge him by, being that he could not see. The monsters killing reflect the pain that slaves went through. Because of how the author was described as someone who opposed slavery, the book reflects how people mistreated and degraded other humans (slaves) for the selfish benefit of themselves and for the fact of just being evil. 

The marriage proposal

The “Marriage proposal”  CheKov’s play shows  what is happening right now with young couples. In the play Lomov went to Natalya Stepanovna’s house to propose without knowing her well. He only took in consideration that she was an excellent housekeeper,not bad-looking and well educated but he barely knew her, he had no idea how her character was. If he had known Natalya’s personality before, he would never propose to her.   

In my opinion even though this is a comedy it shows what is happening in real life, many couples are more worried about the fancy proposal that the decision that they are making, so they are more worried about how the proposal should go than WHY we want to spend our life together. For me this is a big problem because before saying yes, we have to have an important conversation about our goals, needs, family, jobs, money and  future children. If you skip the conversation you would have big problems in the future, so  marriage  is  more than a fancy proposal.  

Feminism in Ichiyo

The female character Oseki from Ichiyo’s “13th night” made a lasting impression on me and seemed to represent Japanese women at the time. Oseki’s background, how her higher husband treated her, and her terrible marriage all contributed to her character. The ideology of the 19th century made substantial distinctions between class and feudalism in this particular social setting. It was unknown how many women were crying at the time about their miserable marriages and the way they were treated by senior-class men. Additionally, the well-known author Haruki Murakami used his writings to express a variety of messages regarding women at the time. As in the illustration “Norwegian forest” which depicts a lady fleeing civilization before ultimately making the decision to terminate her life. In this society, women take on the role of a true wife by taking care of their children and keeping their husbands happy. It was a significant historical turning point, and later, as women grew more powerful, independent, and attractive, they overcame the power structure.


Children, in my opinion, should be treated as blank pieces of paper since their emotions are so delicate. Any word or deed can harm them and haunt them forever. But it doesn’t imply we should tell them lies; instead, we should tell them the truth while speaking as subtly as we can rather than as honestly as we can. Furthermore, we should be honest with children, but do it gradually, rather than telling them untruths or lies about life. I think we can all agree that we were once children who believed what our parents said and felt pain when they couldn’t or weren’t telling the truth. 

In the tale “Gorrila, My Love,” the character of Hunca Bubba tells Hazel that she is “the cutest thing that ever walked the earth” and that he will marry her when she gets older then he decided marry someone else. That saddens Hazel so much that she knows for certain that children “must stick together or be forever lost” because grown-ups cannot be trusted. This anecdote serves as a reminder of the lasting impact that psychology will have on Hazel’s life. Children who experience psychological trauma when they are young will suffer serious repercussions in the future. Therefore, instead of shielding kids with truthful lies, gently inform them of the truth.

Writing as Activism

I believe that for BIPOC in the United States, writing is still a practical form of communication. The voices and feelings behind those remarks are people who endure daily oppression. When oppressed individuals write about their experiences through literature, they are able to profit from the voices of other oppressed people and contribute to the production of new knowledge. And hearing voices When we can imagine the plight of the oppressed and have our own ideas, reading about them in text is a powerful approach to touch people’s emotions. Writing is growing in popularity as we know that knowledge is available everywhere in the age of social media, protests, and news broadcasts. People will increasingly turn to authors with a voice on social media to disseminate the word about their plight.For instance, there has been a push to expose discriminators in recent years, and social media voices have aided in their dissemination.

Writing has always been the most effective technique to communicate ideas and opinions. Humans have been endowed by God with the innate ability to speak with one another and form communities. Therefore, information communication in all its forms—including social media posts, articles, scripts, etc.—remains crucial.