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Marriage Proposal

Marriage Proposal

            Is the “marriage proposal” an outdated commentary on marriage, on gender roles, and on how the perfect proposal should be? Or is still reflected in culture today?

            In my opinion, I think that marriage proposals are still reflected in culture today. Working as a nail technician at a nail salon in Staten Island. I often had excited clients coming to the nail salon to get their nails done for this special occasion. Some of these ladies were my regular clients and others were people who were just looking for a nail salon to get their nails ready for the proposal.  With regular clients, we built relationships in which we get to know them well just like if we were best friends. We know when they have boyfriends, when they break up with them, when their relationships are long and serious, and we also know when they are going to be proposed.

            After being proposed and when it is time to get a new manicure, clients return to the nail salon. This nail appointment is very interesting and exciting too, because we get to know all the details of the proposal ceremony. Some clients get proposed on a cruise trips, on the beach, at a nice dinner in a fancy restaurant, at a dinner home, etc.

            I believe that marriage proposal will never be a thing of the past. I feel that nowadays marriage proposals are more common, and gender diversified in terms of gender of sex. Unlike a century ago, marriage proposals were only a man thing. Today, females can propose males, males can propose males, females can propose females.


In “This Is What It Means”, directed by Sherman Alexie, tells the story of a man named Victor and his journey to Phoenix, Arizona, to find his father. Victor was an Indian and had a friend named Thomas. They had a sweet friendship until the day Victor hit him and they broke up. The area and people were poor and had no money, and this shows the rule of colonialism and its impact on the descendants of Native Americans and how radically their lives are governed. Colonialism affected his family and friends economically and socially. They were so poor that when he tried to travel to look for his father, he had no money, and his friend Thomas helped him by giving him some money so that he could travel and go to the city where the father died. Being of Indian descent, they were never hired for a job, had no income or a place to work. Because of this, their financial condition was difficult.