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After thinking whether the story of Frankenstein is monstrous or not. It super monstrous and unrighteous. The way his is judged because of skin color and appearance is wrong. It represents our society how we literally create barriers because of color LIKE WHAT that doesnt even make sense it’s plain stupid. Frankenstein is labeled as creation that should have never been made almost exactly how colored people were viewed years ago its truly disgusting and sad.

Good vs. Evil

Throughout the play “Mine Eyes Have Seen” as an audience your exposed to so much traumatizing events. The lynching of Chris’s father and not being offered justice. That easily influences the audience to anger, mad at how another human being can be morally wrong and held with any consequences. This is why the bible states

ISAIAH 1:17 Learn to do good;

Seek justice,

Reprove the ruthless,

Defend the orphan,

Plead for the widow.

Humanity must learn to reprove these injustice and reprove what is done ruthlessly.

This play doesn’t teach virtue or piety, what it does do is it shows the he lowest strata of human behavior. Killing a man is terrible because you kill his descendant and his kids. But i would agree that its necessary to have pieces of art like this because if the unrighteous isn’t exposed to us, how we know to what to stay away from.

Final Reflection

Over the course of this semester, I’ve realized a lot about myself as a writer and the type of student/person I am. If I could describe my writing style in one word, it would be “Authentic”. I like to write how I speak; I usually like to stay away from “big, pretentious” words when I write because of this. I would like whoever is reading my writing to feel as if they know me on a personal level and feel comfortable, not have to try to decipher what I’m saying. These past 15 weeks have not been easy, but I would like to think that I do my best, nonetheless. I’ve learned to be more patient with myself, I’m still young and learning as I go, so I shouldn’t be hard on myself because I choose to focus on what I personally feel is more important, not what others say is important.

My top two favorite writing pieces from this semester would have to be our poetry analysis essay and our “Where I’m from” assignment.” I really enjoyed learning about Natalie Diaz and getting the chance to analyze some of her poems, more specifically her “They don’t love you like I love you” piece. This poem of hers was about her mom’s advice to her about love and being careful with who you fall for which evoked some strong emotions in me. Our “Where I’m from” assignment allowed me to reflect on my upbringings and appreciate my surroundings more. I don’t always get a chance to just relax and look at what I have and the people around me with all the craziness in my everyday life.

I would say that my biggest challenge this semester has been trying to balance both my school and personal life all at once. I feel like there were times where my personal life would get in the way of my learning and no matter how aware I was of this; I rarely did anything about it. I’m sure that as college students many of us feel the same way. We have those moments where all we think about is our future and doing good in school, but then there are other times were we just want to live-in the moment and deal with the consequences later.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not perfect and never will be, therefore I need to be nicer to myself considering everything I’ve been through. Many of us are stuck living our everyday lives for others, trying to impress and outdo the next person. I’m slowly trying to outgrow this mentality. I am allowed to make mistakes and not feel bad about it, take mental health breaks and decide when I want to finish MY goals, “Because this is my first life.”

Final Reflection

Fall 2022 semester, a semester for the ages that I will never forget. After taking almost a two-year break dating back to Spring semester 2021. Coming into this semester I honestly had no idea what to expect, but it went better than expected. In day-to-day life this class helped manage my time so much better. The deadline leniency helped me manage my tight schedule. Never did I ever have so much on plate, while attending school looking back everything turned out alright. Thanks to Jesus Christ of course the only reason, I’ve made it this far. 100% made a lot of progress with my writing style, I used to hate writing, but this classed pushed me more towards enjoying it. What’s difficult for me is more putting my thoughts into words. For example, my research paper in the first couple hours into beginning I knew exactly what I wanted to write. Two things delayed me the tiresome research for evidence and putting all my ideas into sentences. Honestly, it difficult for me to see my writing style being that I’m accustomed to it. I feel it’s easier for an audience to observe and explain it to me. Something I look forward for Professor Perry to do.
            My research paper, Respect Wolf’s Bane Terrain. I’m super proud YES it gave me so much headaches, but it turned out pretty good. Lots of headaches because I wanted to finish in one night. But I accepted my fate, I CANNOT finish an essay in one night just not my skill. I’ve always struggled writing an essay quickly, because I care and overthink everything. This is why I’m completely against the NYS state test. The test honestly doesn’t determine your true educational level not everyone can write an essay in 3 hours. FOR Elisjoe he needs a good 2-3 weeks to fully dedicate his time. Back to the point, Respect Wolf’s Bane Terrain I love because through the making of it I learned so much. I saw aspects of Isamu I didn’t discover when I first read the story. I can say I was in the zone, but more towards the end. Starting off the essay I struggled and finding evidence tired me out and had me imagining myself throwing tantrums. Yes, imagining because, then it means I have no self-control.
            The biggest challenge were the modules where drama and plays were covered. Don’t mean to be a vibe-killer but drama just isn’t my preference. Prometheus Bound had me confused, I was like what are these people speaking about lol. The accent and the moral behind the story just didn’t add up for me. My least favorite topic this class. The time management is a concept I’m stilling learning, going to next semester I’m toward getting my assignments done weeks before the deadline. That’s my goal.
            Overall, Professor Perry was a class act professor. I remember before the semester researching each professor on Rate My Professor lol, the comments shared sold me on her. I just told myself YES! This my type of class. They weren’t lying when they said a lot of writing but overall, my favorite professor. Catch me on Rate my professor I’ll be leaving 5-star review.

Marriage Proposals

In “Marriage Proposals”  Chekov is highlighting the fact that the traditions of marriage and proposals both have not changed. He essentially mocks the idea of the proposal by showing that the feelings expressed or felt by the characters can completely contradict the circumstances, or how they actually feel about the other person. In reference Kitchener’s article, Chekov is in a way, agreeing with her point of view that proposals are stupid, overemphasized while highlighting that they can be completely theatrical while lacking true meaning. 

Chekov also shows that the societal view on marriage, even in contemporary marriages, are largely impacted by gender roles. This relates to the point made in the article regarding symbolic gendering. Chekov shows elements of very traditional marriages such as the man asking the woman’s father for permission to marry his daughter. This still occurs occasionally in contemporary marriages/proposals, yet it is ultimately outdated. The practice of asking parental permission for a woman’s hand in marriage is certainly falling out of the societal norm, however many aspects of traditional marriage shown are still relevant today. The theatrical performance of the proposal itself is a long-standing and slightly unusual tradition, as is the depiction of only men proposing to women.


In the alternate ending of the story, Armand is shocked and saddened by the letter’s contents. He has never known his mother, and the fact that she is part of the enslaved race is difficult to swallow. Armand feels grief and regrets what his family must have gone through, and his heart breaks for the injustice they have experienced. He also feels immense guilt for how he has treated Desirée and their child and is now filled with regret. Armand realizes that he has judged Desirée harshly and unfairly and has let his insecurities and fears get the better of him. He now knows that he must make amends. 

Armand takes a moment to compose himself before going to find Desirée. He finds her in her room, sitting with the baby in her arms. When she looks up at him, he can see the pain and hurt in her eyes, making him feel ashamed. He looks away, unable to meet her gaze. He apologizes for his behavior and tells her that he was wrong to accuse her of not being white. He admits to her that he is part of the enslaved race and has wronged her. Desirée is taken aback by his confession, but she can see the genuine remorse in his eyes. She forgives him, and they embrace him.

Armand and Desirée decide to leave L’Abri and return to Valmonde together. Armand is determined to make up for the wrongs he has done and to start a new life with his family. He begins to treat the enslaved people at the plantation with kindness and respect and is determined to ensure they have the freedom and equality they deserve. Armand works to make sure that his child is accepted by all, regardless of the color of their skin. 

Desirée and Armand live out the rest of their lives together in peace and happiness. He is a better man because of his lessons, and he is eternally grateful to Desirée for her understanding and forgiveness. The couple work together to create a better world for their son and ensure that future generations will not have to endure the same struggles they have endured. They symbolize hope and positivity in a world filled with darkness and despair.


My writing from the start of this semester has improved although not a lot. I’ve learned new ways to go about writing and fixed up my grammar a little but all in all it is better than when I first started and that is what matters. One major thing that I did learn and will be using is the felt sense writing method as it helped with getting my ideas out and flowing. 1 thing I did learn about myself as a writer is that I have a mental block that doesn’t allow me to express myself fully in writing as I am too worried about getting a grade performing well on the assignment. These 8 weeks have allowed to be learn about my potential and skills in writing \

My first piece of writing that im proud of is my essay as i had a very hard time getting started and trying to figure out what to write as I struggle with writing but when Professor perry taught me thee writing sense method I learned a new way of getting my ideas out and worrying less about trying to get everything correct. Another piece of writing would be the poems we created at the start of the semester. It was interesting seeing and new form of writing and seeing people’s creativity. I wouldn’t say any of these are my best writing but they were game me some form of freedom when writing so i wasn’t fully locked in and forced to give an idea or thought that wasn’t mine 

Time management was hard for me as I do have trouble just getting work especially for assignments that I don’t enjoy doing such as essays but I did my best to get what I could done and professor Perry made that objective easier for me as a student. Besides that the only other problem i had was with expressing my ideas 

All in all this class was very enjoyable I and i did enjoy some of the writing assignments and I learned how to be more expressive when doing so 

The Marriage Proposal

In the beginning of Chekhov’s play the main character Yvonne displays severe anxiety leading up to asking Natasha’s father for his blessing on proposing to Natasha. He begins to question his motive for proposing to Natasha. He states, “You just keep thinking about it and you argue back and forth and talk a lot and wait for the ideal woman to offer true love and you’ll never get married, awfully cold in here.” This shows that Yvonne is not sure if he really wants to propose to her, and also that he is only proposing because he feels he has no other option. As the movie went on, the couple discovered they had many differences, however because they both had the desire to be married, they both agreed to marry each other.

            I believe the marriage proposal is a mixture of outdated commentary but also still used today. Many couples want an extravagant marriage proposal or are desperate to get married because that is what is expected of them, while others are comfortable with just living with their partner and continuing to be together without getting married. It is not a requirement to have a large engagement, there have been many proposals that are just the couple. Some engagements are just immediate family members. Today’s society prioritizes their social media appearance; however many also prioritize their privacy and intimate moments. For example, Ariana Grande got married in the comfort of her own home, however no one knew until she displayed it on social media. Society has become more accepting of being with your partner for long periods of time, as well as being an unmarried adult and not being shamed for it.

Yes that me


thanksgiving means aunties cooking and uncles jokes.

Thanksgiving makes me feel warm. When family comes around you get into a positive mood because you know you are about to be surrounded by people you love. Sometimes you can feel isolated and lonely because all your family members are busy working, and you do not hang around as much as when you were kids. That’s what makes holiday breaks so great. A chance to eat some homemade food that you know your aunty put her all into and crack jokes with your favorite uncle. It’s these special moments that lift you up and keep you going.

Thanksgiving as a kid meant eating turkey and learning about Native Americans sharing a meal with Pilgrims, but now as I’ve gotten older, I have realized that not just that simple. The basis of this holiday brings up centuries-old unhealed wounds for many people on this land. Spending time with your family is great, but it is important that we remember, listen to, and uplift our indigenous people during celebrations with this kind of deep negative meaning behind it. We as citizens may not be able to make much change, but we can show our deepest regrets and appreciations for those who deserve it.

Mine Eyes Have Seen

In the context of moral criticism, Plato believed that art and poets in particular simply existed to poorly hold a mirror up to nature and lacked intelligence and depth, and that the arts should exist to teach piety and virtue. In the play “Mine Eyes Have Seen”, elements of both of these ideas are shown. The play primarily holds a mirror up to nature as Plato would say, in that it highlights the hardships rooted in racism that the main characters are forced to go through and it shows the condition of society at the time. However, I do not believe that the play does this poorly as Plato would suggest, as it vividly puts the reader into the circumstances of the characters invoking empathy. Nonetheless, this would mean that the play defies moral criticism

The argument can be made that through holding the mirror up to nature, particularly the racist ideals in society at the time the play is teaching virtue. Piety is not necessarily expressed in the play, however exposing the hateful nature of human beings I believe creates awareness and invokes empathy in the readers which in turn teaches virtue.