Daily Archives: December 11, 2022

Mine eyes have never seen

Alice Dunbar-Nelson play “Mine eyes have never seen ” shows the horrific and domestic lives of black families back then. During that time many black families were being separated due to the racism they had to experience. The play consists of a black father and husband who was lynched due to his racist white neighbors who did not want him to be successful. The man’s family which consists of his wife and three children is having a hard taking this in as they have to move up north. Tragically the mother passes away due to pneumonia and heartbreak shortly after.

This play shows moral criticism by showing how humans are cruel to each other in societies. In this play it shows the harsh realities in a society. A man with a promising career and beautiful because of the hatred and jealousy of others. Society has always been filled with people who in competition and comparison with others when in reality it shouldn’t be like that. People cause others pain and suffering since the beginning of time in a society.