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The way I view my writing, is I know I am not a good writer. I realize that in my head I know what I want to write about, but when it comes to writing it on paper, it very hard for me to writing down. Everything just doesn’t make sense no more like how it did in the beginning. I know I am always going to struggle with writing because of my hearing loss in both ears. I can’t hear certain letters to pronounce a word. Honestly, I feel my writing haven’t change, and I know it not going to change. All I could do it try my best and keep on trying.

I am not really happy with my writing because I know it not my biggest strength, but the most story i enjoy writing and reading is “Desiree’s Baby” by Kate Chopin. The other one was “Gorilla, My Love” by Toni Cade Bambara. I know back then it wasn’t allowed for black and whites to be together and the baby in the story came out dark, but nowadays that is so common. Races and culture are mixed now. Gorilla my love is when the older adults say things to kids and sometime the kids take it to the hearts. I have experiences with my own kids. Those two was my favorite and also to write about it.

This semester I had and still have a lot of challenges. It is very hard to balance myself with time. I work, and I have kids of my own and on top of that I found out that I am pregnant. For two months I wasn’t able to eat or drink anything, and now I am working two jobs and full-time student, plus a single mom. This semester is very challenging moment in my life. I hope life get better.

I feel like I could have done better, if I have more time. But I appreciate you professor for teaching us and encouraging us to do our best.

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