My writing from the start of this semester has improved although not a lot. I’ve learned new ways to go about writing and fixed up my grammar a little but all in all it is better than when I first started and that is what matters. One major thing that I did learn and will be using is the felt sense writing method as it helped with getting my ideas out and flowing. 1 thing I did learn about myself as a writer is that I have a mental block that doesn’t allow me to express myself fully in writing as I am too worried about getting a grade performing well on the assignment. These 8 weeks have allowed to be learn about my potential and skills in writing \

My first piece of writing that im proud of is my essay as i had a very hard time getting started and trying to figure out what to write as I struggle with writing but when Professor perry taught me thee writing sense method I learned a new way of getting my ideas out and worrying less about trying to get everything correct. Another piece of writing would be the poems we created at the start of the semester. It was interesting seeing and new form of writing and seeing people’s creativity. I wouldn’t say any of these are my best writing but they were game me some form of freedom when writing so i wasn’t fully locked in and forced to give an idea or thought that wasn’t mine 

Time management was hard for me as I do have trouble just getting work especially for assignments that I don’t enjoy doing such as essays but I did my best to get what I could done and professor Perry made that objective easier for me as a student. Besides that the only other problem i had was with expressing my ideas 

All in all this class was very enjoyable I and i did enjoy some of the writing assignments and I learned how to be more expressive when doing so 

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