thanksgiving means aunties cooking and uncles jokes.

Thanksgiving makes me feel warm. When family comes around you get into a positive mood because you know you are about to be surrounded by people you love. Sometimes you can feel isolated and lonely because all your family members are busy working, and you do not hang around as much as when you were kids. That’s what makes holiday breaks so great. A chance to eat some homemade food that you know your aunty put her all into and crack jokes with your favorite uncle. It’s these special moments that lift you up and keep you going.

Thanksgiving as a kid meant eating turkey and learning about Native Americans sharing a meal with Pilgrims, but now as I’ve gotten older, I have realized that not just that simple. The basis of this holiday brings up centuries-old unhealed wounds for many people on this land. Spending time with your family is great, but it is important that we remember, listen to, and uplift our indigenous people during celebrations with this kind of deep negative meaning behind it. We as citizens may not be able to make much change, but we can show our deepest regrets and appreciations for those who deserve it.

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