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My writing from the start of this semester has improved although not a lot. I’ve learned new ways to go about writing and fixed up my grammar a little but all in all it is better than when I first started and that is what matters. One major thing that I did learn and will be using is the felt sense writing method as it helped with getting my ideas out and flowing. 1 thing I did learn about myself as a writer is that I have a mental block that doesn’t allow me to express myself fully in writing as I am too worried about getting a grade performing well on the assignment. These 8 weeks have allowed to be learn about my potential and skills in writing \

My first piece of writing that im proud of is my essay as i had a very hard time getting started and trying to figure out what to write as I struggle with writing but when Professor perry taught me thee writing sense method I learned a new way of getting my ideas out and worrying less about trying to get everything correct. Another piece of writing would be the poems we created at the start of the semester. It was interesting seeing and new form of writing and seeing people’s creativity. I wouldn’t say any of these are my best writing but they were game me some form of freedom when writing so i wasn’t fully locked in and forced to give an idea or thought that wasn’t mine 

Time management was hard for me as I do have trouble just getting work especially for assignments that I don’t enjoy doing such as essays but I did my best to get what I could done and professor Perry made that objective easier for me as a student. Besides that the only other problem i had was with expressing my ideas 

All in all this class was very enjoyable I and i did enjoy some of the writing assignments and I learned how to be more expressive when doing so 

Symbolic gendering is a method stereotyping people based of suggested role in society in the play “the marriage proposal “we see flips this stereotype by making the male character complain and whine throughout the plot while the female character is very aggressive and assertive during their confrontation a lot of newly released tv shows and movies’ targeted to teenagers also flip gender roles to show their audience that gender shouldn’t be a deciding facto on how one acts we see this a lot in marvel movies. the play isn’t necessarily outdated as it does show in today society how over complicated and celebrated a proposal is a made into a big event

Feminism in Ichiyo

Within the story of the “Thirteenth Night” we see that Oseki has a struggle with her husband which stems from his verbal abuse to her. Even though she tries to do right and take care of her husband it seems to have no effect or even make the situation worse which in turn cause her to flee from her home. this struggle helps us understand the role of a women during the time period as we that Oseki recognizes that if she runs away she will have no value in society. She even fears that if she leaves her child he will grow up to resent her. while confronting her parents about her husband her dad informs her that it is a women’s job to take care of her spouse and his home and she must bear the weight of of these problems because there were many other women experiencing these problems too. It also seen as special for a women to marry up in social class or someone wealthy

Marxism in the Thirteenth Night

In broad terms she learns that her struggle is not as bad as she thinks it is or it isn’t as bad as she thought it was. We see that she learns that someone who she really admires got the bad end of the stick and is through more of a struggle than she is, even though she was willing to run away from her life and leave her wealthy life and child behind due to her abuse. Compared to Roku’s life who lives in poverty with no family and no home and forced to work a job until he is tired. she reflects on her actions as she speaks with him seeing even though they came form the same place they both ended up on the other side of social structures.


In the short story of “THIS IS WHAT IT MEANS TO SAY PHOENIX, ARIZONA” we see the rulership of colonization and its effects on the descendants of Native Americans and how drastically rules their lives. we see how the how victor and his relatives and pushed off into reservations and left with little means of self sufficiency. we also see the bad shape the economy is in their community leaving close to no one with money the firework sellers. the only source of money they have as a community is with their tribal council, who are reluctant to even give victor money due to its scarcity


After reading the short story “Gorilla my love” by Toni Cade Bambara is prevalent that children do take the words you tell them to heart and as an adult your words have more weight when speaking to a child. I think it she should established before hand when speaking to a child about something serious and let them know what you mean what your about to tell them. because its very common for children to misunderstand something along the lines of what happened in the story. though a parent should not always be brutal and tell their exactly how the world is they should guide them and let them learn from their experiences because the best way to learn is from experience

Within the short story of gorilla my love is evident that that the author uses the story as a form of activism which is different from the methods of activism that are used in today’s society. regardless of the changing of our society and technology art is a form of self expression which is not only a common form activism it is also used today in our society. As society progresses ideals and messages will always be hard to understand without first person context but with art it helps an author portray their messages the different means of creativity as we see with music poems actual art and so much more all these forms preserved throughout time and show to different generations allowing authors to control aspects that simple speech cannot convey. A common example of this is shown through renaissance art from the 15th century. even though this event occurred 6 centuries ago through the physical art we can and understand the change that went about in society within literature technology and philosophy without even having set foot in the that time period nor a word spoken.

Where im from

I am from Notebook

from desk and pen

I am from the concrete streets

I am from the Dandelion on the sidewalk

the Bright yellow color

I am from movie night

and black hair

from Sofia

and Faham another family name and Maryam

I am from the self-awareness

and compassion

From belief in myself

and self-accountability

I am from Islam and worship of God

Further description.

I am from New York and Nigeria

Rice and plantains

From my first day of elementary

the kind teachers

and the Day of my Sofia’s birth

I am from the wall in the living room