The Proposal

Marriage proposal is how people want to propose. Everyone does it differently. Some guys go way overboard when they propose to their loved one. Some guys just ask the question straight up. Getting married is a big step in every person’s life, when you decide if you want to spend the rest of your life with that one person, grow together, and start a family together. In the play “The Marriage Proposal” by Anton Chekov, Lomov went to ask permission from the father Chubukov, for his daughter Natalya marriage proposal. The father said yes. The only reason Lomov is asking for her hand is because he thinks he is getting old. Lomov came to their home and started talking to Natalya, but they ended up arguing about the Oxen Meadow, who did it really belong to. Then they started to argue about whose dogs are better too. The father got involved and told them to kiss and to hurry up and get married. Nowadays social media plays a big part in people’s lives. People like to post their life on social media, especially marriage and how they got a proposal. Marriage proposal is up to how the person wants to ask their loved one to get married. 

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