Kate Chopin was a white Creole writer from Louisiana. While her race may not have been a factor in her writing, it is possible that it influenced her view of race in America. Chopin grew up in a time when America was still struggling to come to terms with its racial past. The Civil War had only ended a few decades earlier, and the country was still struggling with issues of reconstruction and race relations. Chopin’s story, “Desiree’s Baby,” deals with the issue of adoption and the feelings of a white woman who adopts a black child. While the story is fictional, it is based on real-life events and may reflect Chopin’s own views on race (Chopin, 345). It is possible that her experience as a white Creole woman influenced her view of race in America, which may have contributed to the complicated and often contradictory attitudes towards race that are found throughout her writing. However, it is also possible that Chopin’s experiences simply reflected the attitudes of 19th century America, which were complex and evolving. It is impossible to say for certain what role race played in Chopin’s writing, but it is an important consideration when reading her work.

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  1. I do think her experience influenced how she viewed racism, however, I do also believe that this proves that her race matters. If this were true, and she was a slave at the time, the story could go very differently in terms of elaboration and details.

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