I have learned to recognize it as my style and feel confident in expressing my thoughts and ideas in writing. I also realized that writing is a process of trial and error and that it is important to be patient with yourself and keep moving forward. I am proud of my progress

One of the pieces of writing I am most proud of is my poetry writing essay from Week 1. I felt that I was able to effectively express my opinion on the topic and back it up with evidence. I was also able to use my own experiences to illustrate my points, which made the essay more personal and engaging. I was in the zone while writing this piece, and I felt that I was able to capture my thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise manner.

One of my biggest challenges during the semester was timing. I often struggled to finish my tasks on time and found that I had to work hard to organize and prioritize my tasks. I also found myself struggling to understand certain concepts such as: B. Use of literary means in my writing. I had to spend more time researching and researching these concepts to fully understand them. Despite these challenges, I was able to go through and complete my task very well.

Overall, this semester was a rewarding experience. I have grown as a writer and come to understand the writing process better. I am proud of my progress so far and look forward to continuing to improve my skills.

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