The marriage proposal

The “Marriage proposal”  CheKov’s play shows  what is happening right now with young couples. In the play Lomov went to Natalya Stepanovna’s house to propose without knowing her well. He only took in consideration that she was an excellent housekeeper,not bad-looking and well educated but he barely knew her, he had no idea how her character was. If he had known Natalya’s personality before, he would never propose to her.   

In my opinion even though this is a comedy it shows what is happening in real life, many couples are more worried about the fancy proposal that the decision that they are making, so they are more worried about how the proposal should go than WHY we want to spend our life together. For me this is a big problem because before saying yes, we have to have an important conversation about our goals, needs, family, jobs, money and  future children. If you skip the conversation you would have big problems in the future, so  marriage  is  more than a fancy proposal.  

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  1. Hey Caroline, i agree that an emphasis on the Why we get married should be the main concerning when deciding to choose someone as a lifelong partner. Conversations about things concerning the real issues of life should come into play like you mention.

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