To children, their parents and loved ones are their whole world. They know of nothing else. The words that are spoken by those around them are taken as fact because they do not have reason to think otherwise. The things that are said to children in the early years of their lives will potentially shape them into who they become as adults. Parents should not tease and lie to their children without reason. This could result in trust issues when moving into later years of their lives. There are obviously some occasions where small lies might be unavoidable if a subject is too mature for a child or if a parent wishes to spare the child’s feelings. 

Children are like sponges in early years of their lives. They will hold on to every word that an adult around them says. Children can learn upwards of three-thousand new words per year, so it is important for parents to teach them how important these words are, and how to best use them moving forward in life. Words can inflict joy, pain, or anger and have lasting impacts on people they are spoken to. Children are no different than adults in this respect, and should be taught by the adults around them that words hold weight.

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