Writing as Activism

“The job of the writer is to make revolution irresistible.”

Profound words have always been an important source of inspiration for marginalized groups. Toni Cade Bambara was one of many writers who used her gift for words to inspire change in her community. Today, words can, and do, still have the same influence on the world. Writing may come in many different forms such as poetry, song, film, and television. With the invention of modern media, writing is no longer limited to traditional publishing. Music and other forms of entertainment are constantly being used to empower those who have often been left behind by society. Writing is also present in informational, and often inspirational, posts on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Writing is needed for protests and speeches. As long as there is a need for activism, there is a need for writing. Wether it is 1971 or 2022, words will always find a way to touch the hearts of those who most need it. 

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