Author Toni Cade Bambara wrote a story called ” Gorilla My Love” in 1971. This is a story about a young girl named Hazel who was raised to speak her truth and always be true to herself. Many children around the world are raised with those same values but is it right. Parents should be very careful about the things they say to their children because children easily pick up on things and mimic or even exaggerate things. Parents should always tell their children the truth because one day they will grow up to see the world for what it is. Although it should be to extent, children should be told only what they need to know because you still want them to be a child. In the story the character Hazel stood up for herself because she felt she needed to stand up for what’s right and that was what her parents taught her. According to “Gorilla My Love” My Daddy had the suspect it was me cause Big Brood got a big mouth. But I explained right quick what the whole thing was about, and I figured it was even-steven. Cause if you say Gorilla, My Love, you supposed to mean it. […] I mean even gangsters in the movies say My word is my bond. So don’t nobody get away with nothing far as I’m concerned.” Hazel takes everything her parents taught her literally and will do anything even setting a movie theatre on fire to stand her ground. So, although Hazel parents tried to teach her the right things, with children you have to be extremely careful and explain what you want them to follow in life.

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