Where I’m From

By: Diana Castro

I am from bright, white light and tranquil air.

I am from “Limon y Sal” playing in the morning to U2‘s “Sunday Bloody Sunday” to commence the weekend.

I am from the hole ripped from the grass, from our trespassing, dirt bike riding neighbors.

I am from endless curiosity, vibrant imagination, essential boredom and innocent white lies.

I am from door-knocking unsolicited, black tie, white collared trick-or-treaters.

I am from standing in a kitchen,

staring at a bowl of tiny bright-eyed fresh anchovies,

scarred for life as my mother is asking us children,

Just try one!”

I never knew who consumed or disposed of their tiny bodies.

I am from nightly local cricket symphonies in the summer

and rollie-pollies, who turn into dice.

I am from being mesmerized by Spirited Away glowing from the TV screen during my pajama themed 7th birthday party.

I am from giggling juvenile prank calls,

homestyle eggo waffles slathered in cold butter and grape jelly

and finding delicacy in stolen slices of prosciutto.

I am from reading Grimm fairy tales before bed,

only the eerie ones,

watching friendships last,

and cold-wash only denim.

I prolong falling asleep

to stay in this daydream forever..

2 thoughts on “Where I’m From

  1. Your use of images was very pleasant as it stands out from the rest. You included many foods, flavors , and qualities of your childhood which highlight a little about yourself as well. Your choice of words also made the poem more interesting, especially the last two lines.

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