Discussion board 12.1 – Alexa Balbi

The supreme court decision on the Wal-Mart case was unfair and brutal because many evidence was shown of how sexism and favoritism amongs the gender occurred at the work place. Men were getting paid way more than women and their work was more recognized and rated higher than they would with a women. To them Men were more stronger and hard workers although having the same job as a women. The ruling of the case seems to discriminate women no matter what the issues is specially if no required rules to the court were applied for the case.

Discussion Board 11.1 – Alexa Balbi

  1. The court system in my opinion protects everyone’s rights. As of the case of miranda v. Arizona it was proven that the police had violated amendments that had caused Ernesto guilty of a rape and murder case of a women. However, since the evidence that was provided did not support the case . The Supreme Court helped give Ernesto his rights and protected him by being fair and letting him win the case.

2) The Supreme Court in a sense is a anti-democratic pieces of our government. One of the facts that proves it is is that judges are selected by the president then also have to be accepted by the senate. Pretty much every decision made to become a judge at the Supreme Court or any federal court has to be made within the government.

Discussion Board 9.1

1)The establishment cause is when religion or anything political is not mixed together for there not to be any issues or indifference among the two. The relation it has with “Lemon test” is that it make sure all religion has its space and different freedom amounts both.

2) Yes, burning the American flag is protected by the first amendment as a way of freedom of speech. It is also known to be a symbolic speech agreed by the supreme court although it can cause issues by the Americans beliefs.

3) When someone says ” I’m taking the fifth” is more as saying I will be not speaking anymore. You will like to remain silent or you just don’t want parts in the situation. It can also be a way to prevent yourself into getting in a forceful argument between your freedom or accusation.

Discussion board 3.2

  1. Repressive Apparatus is the ruling of sociology. It’s away to control society. It’s a strong forceable way to control, schools, the law and many other unions.
  2. The way ideological state apparatuses seems to work is by forcing people to do something they wouldn’t want. Is a way for society to obey laws and be taught to do certain things to be able to have a better outcome or position in life or in society.
  3. The difference between repressive and ideological is that repressive is more a strict physical way to control. Ideological is when people get brain washed into thinking certain things to control the way we view things to control the way we view things for example the news and social media.

3.1 discussion- Idiology

  1. Ideology is a way to describe a political and social matter. Ideology is like a social routine that helps figure out. persons way of thinking. It’s away for people to express their interest and what they support. Is more of way to split the political wealth and social struggles. In some ways it seems to control its people in a political way.
  2. My best way to know the difference between conservative and liberal ideology In US politics is by remembering how conservative ideology is more of single problem such as in politics where people would want to have a balance in money and less tax, a one way rule. As of Liberal is more of wanting taxes to be raised, or have free healthcare is more demanding.
  3. Althusser’s definition to me is that ideology is a way fro people to speak up about their interest and beliefs, also a way for society to have a better way to show their difference in politics no matter each others differences.

Discussion 2.1- Alexa Balbi

 M. Alexander claims that the main explanation of why so many people are sent to jail in the U.S. today is deeply wrong. Explain her argument by referring to the various examples she mentions to backup her point. (see p. 1-2)

M.Alexander made a claim of why many people are sent to jail wrongfully and I couldn’t agree more. One of the main reason why is because of a persons race or the community they come from. The system is only paying attention for a person skin color and missing the fact of the crime. M. Alexander expressed that in surveys taken shows more popularity of white people having a higher chance of commenting a drug crime than any other race. Although knowing that fact, our jails have more black people In prison for charges and cases that are lesser than a drug charge. Racially recrimination is a massive issue that our government has been making and a reason for Alexanders claim.

2) Racial disparities cannot be explained by drug crimes because majority of black people who are incarcerated get charges for life for something that if a white person was to commit it would be forbidden. White people have more privilege when it comes to the system. sometimes not but the most targeted communities are people of colors, why? because sometime they are seem as threat although all people of colors sells drugs at the same rate.

3) To me, “the American penal system has emerged as a system of social control unparalleled in world history” is more likely to me as if you have been incarcerated you no longer have rights because regardless of what was their charge they will always have to carry that with them specially when wanting to start a new life. Also it seems as a social control because they only see the bad in a certain group of people instead of all equally.