• This module contains our second exam. Please note that you have the entire week to write this exam.
  • Due date: Friday, midnight, July 9th (Friday), 2021.
  • How to submit your exam: write (or save) your exam as a Microsoft Word document (.DOC file). Upload your exam on the bottom of this page, just like you would upload Reading Response Papers (or quiz). NOTE: YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME MUST BE INCLUDED IN THE NAME OF YOUR EXAM FILE. YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS ON YOUR QUIZ, AS WELL.
  • GRADING: Your exam will be graded as follows: each question is worth 14 points, 7 x 14 = ~100 points in total.
  • RETURNING YOUR EXAM and YOUR FINAL COURSE GRADE: Your graded exam will not be returned to you before the end of the semester, as there is no time left, and class does not meet after the week of the exam. You can find your final course grade by visiting our class page on Blackboard, and looking at your Grades page.
  • Note 1: this is an open book and open notes/videos exam (just like our quiz was). This means, when answering the questions, you can use all of the materials available on our class website. However, you must not use any outside information. Any outside information will be not given credit. Also, everything in your answers must be in your own words. No quotes from any of the readings or videos (you must paraphrase, put everything in your own words).
  • Note 2: Your answers to the questions on this exam, are supposed to be short and directly to the point. This means the typical answer should be in the range of 5-7 sentences minimum. However, there’s no need to write full essays for each question on this exam.

WATCH – Exam Overview Video

In this short video, I cover some approaches to writing this exam. NOTE: Ignore the discussion of Question 8 in the video. I removed that question from our exam.

WRITE – Exam Questions

  1. Think about how Supreme Court judges get their jobs at the court. Do you agree that the Supreme Court is an anti-democratic part of our government? What could be the reason for this way of choosing judges in the Supreme Court (of judges being appointed by Congress, rather than being elected into the court)? (HINT: think about our discussion of “Federalist #10”, and which social class plays a leading role in our government system)

2. What is the difference between gender and sex? Provide an example to illustrate your argument.

3. What is the difference between radical and liberal feminism? Be sure to explain your answers, and not simply to paraphrase the definitions from our PowerPoint presentation. Give an example to illustrate your points.

4. Which court in the US court system, would you consider to be closest to the people. Why?

5. What did the Supreme Court decide in the Betty Dukes v. Wal-Mart case? Be detailed in your answer, and discuss specific terms and ideas that that Court used to make its decision.

6. According to the MLK, what are the goals of a non-violent campaign of civil disobedience? Note, for credit, you should explain what he says, not simply paraphrase his words.

7. According to MLK, how can we tell the difference between just and unjust laws? 

SUBMIT – Your Completed Exam

Your exam must be submitted as a MS Word document (that way, I’ll be able to comment on it, as part of my grading.

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