1. Ideology is a way to describe a political and social matter. Ideology is like a social routine that helps figure out. persons way of thinking. It’s away for people to express their interest and what they support. Is more of way to split the political wealth and social struggles. In some ways it seems to control its people in a political way.
  2. My best way to know the difference between conservative and liberal ideology In US politics is by remembering how conservative ideology is more of single problem such as in politics where people would want to have a balance in money and less tax, a one way rule. As of Liberal is more of wanting taxes to be raised, or have free healthcare is more demanding.
  3. Althusser’s definition to me is that ideology is a way fro people to speak up about their interest and beliefs, also a way for society to have a better way to show their difference in politics no matter each others differences.

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