Lesson 13.1 – Martin Luther King – “Letter from Birmingham Jail”

People should always obey the law, in a given society, right? Well, Martin Luther King thought that the answer to this questions is more complicated than that, the answer is determined by a person’s politics and their ethical makeup. He asks this question, and we’ll read his answer in this classic text.

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READ – Reading 13.1 – “Letter from Birmingham Jail”

Here is the letter itself. Read it carefully, then answer the study-practice questions below it:

COMPLETE – Module 13 Response Paper

Our Response Paper this module has a number of important review questions, which will prepare our Discussion Board conversation. After reading the letter, do you best to carefully and accurately answer the following questions related to the letter, some of which will appear on the second exam:

1. Who is MLK writing this letter to?
2. Why is he writing the letter?
3. How do you understand the sentence: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Do you agree/disagree? Provide an example.
4. Briefly describe the four basic steps in a non-violent campaign.
5. What does nonviolent action seek to achieve?
6. Define just and unjust laws. How can you tell the difference between the two? Can you think of an example of an unjust law? A just law?

Submit the paper with your answers below:

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WRITE – Discussion Board 13.1

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