Minerva Cerda

M. Alexander claims that the main explanation of why so many people are sent to jail in the U.S. today is deeply wrong. She states states that many people are sent to jail in the U.S by the government’s “zealous” efforts to address rampant drug crime in poor, minority neighborhoods. This is why there is a major increase in mass incarceration in the United States. The media created negative racial stereotypes about poor city residents especially the poor African American communities.  

1; M. Alexander claims that the main reason why so many people are put in jail in the U.S today is so wrong. She claims that many people are sent to jail by our own governments the “zealous” efforts to put in jail uncheck drug crime in poor communities. This is one of the main reason why there’s a major increase in mass prison in the U.S. the media started to discriminate residents from the African American communities. 

2; Racial disparities in the rates of custody cannot be clarified by the prices of drug crimes because all ethnicities in America or races loathe using the word racist because there are no races among other humans. Drug use is substantial. Any American from any social stratification or organization can be potentially a drug user or drug addict. In fact that minorities people of color are over-represented in the illegal justice system in the jail  it’s not because species of color use drugs that’s not substantial

3; Social media has a powerful impact on society and their awareness of the black neighborhood and racist beliefs have impacted the American Penal System. total detention of the black population and the use of retribution is an aspect of social control

Sianna Velez – Discussion Board 2.2

  1. Southern racist politicians chose to frame their defense of racial segregation through the language of “law and order” to paint black people as criminals. In the reading it states, “Support of civil rights legislation was derided by Southern conservatives as merely ‘rewarding lawbreakers.’” Southern conservatives were literally calling all black people criminals because they connected crime rates and the Civil Rights Movement and claimed the CRM was the cause of rising crime rates. Their choice of words helped them gain the support of poor white people, which would lead to the republicans forming a “new majority”. 
  1. I believe that the Southern Strategy is still influencing American politics. I believe Trump has used the Southern Strategy plenty of times but one specific example is when a group of white supremacists, aka Proud Boys, were getting violent at protests for BLM. When Trump was asked to condemn the Proud Boys he said, “stand back and stand by”. When someone tells you to “stand by” it basically means “don’t do anything but be ready”, which leads me to believe that he was in support of the white supremacist group. 

Clarissa Carrillo- DB 2.2

  1. Southern racist politicians chose to frame their defense of racial segregation through the language of “law and order” because they could not explicitly say “segregation forever,” as stated by Michelle Alexander. However they are actually synonymous in this case. By using “law and order” when justifying their racism, it is hard for others to see them as being on the wrong side of an issue, it gives them the benefit of the doubt and people might think they are on the morally right side when it comes to the fight on racism.
  2. I do think the Southern Strategy is still influencing American politics today, and honestly it’s gotten to the point where many aren’t even trying to hide their racist views anymore. There were many white people, and even some people of color, just this past election making racist remarks to people of color, specifically Black people and they only seem to be getting bolder.

Gladys Tavera- DB. 2.2

The reazon Southern racist politicians chose to frame their defense of racial segregation through the language of “law and order” I’ts because during 1950s and 60s American experienced the widespread freedom movement also known as the civil rights movement against racial sedregation in American where black activists and white activists. They basically said we want to end racial segregation by law in American. Back in the day, Black and white was separated through diferente facilities. According to the article to Alexander, this phrase caused a disturbance in the Democratic Party’s dominance of American politics, allowing the Republican Party to gain a new majority of discrimination in the country. 

Yes, the southern strategy is still influencing american politics at this moment in time. One example of this was president Trump who said “This is a battle to save the Heritage, History, and Greatness of our Country!” But making sure that the Confederacy continues to be honored is a cause even Republicans are less and less willing to join. More politicians are making racist statements to people of color, particularly Black people, based on this quote.

“The new Jim Crow” Part 2 Carmen Salas

  1. Why do think Southern racist politicians chose to frame their defense of racial segregation through the language of “law and order”? What special advantages was this choice of words going to give them?

In “The new Jim Crow”, Michelle Alexander argues that after the 1950’s : “civil rights activists used direct-action tactics in an effort to force reluctant Southern states to desegregate public facilities. Southern governors and law enforcement officials often characterized these tactics as criminal and argued that the rise of the Civil Rights Movement was indicative of a breakdown of law and order” (Alexander, 40). That is to say, because civil right activists began to protest Southern States against segregational laws, Southern politicians took it as a chance to manipulate the subject and claim these people were “against laws”. Similarly, Republican politicians, during Nixo’s Presidential Campaign in 1968, realized that in this transformed political world: being straightly racist was not going to get them the sympathy and votes they needed to win. Consequently, they created a new way to subtilize their racist message and still get it delivered. That is how they began to frame their defense of racial segregation through the language of “law and order”.

Furthermore, according to Alexander this strategy gave them special advantages: it provide them with an excuse to fund systems of violence and do harmful publicity against minorities. All of it, without clearly stating their racist and socially manipulative agenda. Actually, it did not only provided them with funding, but also it help them to set a new political order in the United States by the reorganization of parties and the creation of a new majority.

  1. Do you think the Southern Strategy is still influencing American politics? Give an example supporting your answer.

Yes, I do think the Southern Strategy is still influencing American politics. In “The new Jim Crow”, Michelle Alexander explains: “The success of law and order rhetoric among working-class whites and the intense resentment of racial reforms, particularly in the South, led conservative Republican analysts to believe that a “new majority” could be created by the Republican Party, one that included the traditional Republican base, the white South, and half the Catholic, blue-collar vote of the big cities ” (Alexander, 43). In other words, the Republican Party realized they could make use of the law and order rhetoric to attract resented and lower income whites in order to create a new political majority. This majority would allow them to gain political power and provide them with a leading position in the ground of American Politics. Indeed, for me is clear that this strategy has continued to be followed by the Republican Party. A recent example of it is the strong continuous speech that former president Donald Trump performed all over through his campaign and during his years in office: “Make America Great Again” But, what did this mantra really meant? The phrase basically summarized Trump’s speech. A rhetoric with a strong focus on the importance of strengthening the police and Justice system. A rhetoric that condemned and blamed all economic, social, security and political problems on the legal advantages that the former Democrat administration had given to immigrants. Moreover, it is a fact that Southern States are crucial to win any type of political elections in the United States. Then, Trump would had just used the save-old rhetoric of “law and order” to get himself the votes he needed to make it to the office. However, his later more straightly racist communication backfired on him creating the perfect playground to allow Democrats take over in last year’s Congressional and Presidential elections.

Nikita Vasilyev – D.B. 2.2

  1. To counter the Civil Rights Movement, Southern politicians implemented the rhetoric of “law and order” which not only equated the opposition with criminals, but also leveled their political agenda with chaos, destruction and degradation of moral values. Soon after it was obvious that behind a changed wording, the strategy of the politicians in the South remained racist – instead of openly talking about the negative impact of “black race” on American society, the politicians began promoting the idea of eradicating crime. By implication, many poor and working-class southern white voters would find that appealing and, considering their discontent with the Democratic party and its support of the Civil Rights Movement, would change their political preferences.  
  2. It seems to me that the Southern Strategy, as much as it could have been worded  differently to attract a modern voter, still has a solid grip on American society. Last year, following the killing of George Lloyd, mass protests erupted across America – the Trump administration used harsh rhetoric and a military response to counter civil activity. Government reaction was widely criticized, especially in the light of the fact that most protest were peaceful – once again, the desire for justice was equated with anti-social activities, vandalism and anarchy. The dangerous potential of the Covid-19 virus played its role as well – the government, seeing the protesters gathering and violating social distancing guidelines, argued that the protesters were a menace to society and downplayed the importance of the public’s argument. I believe it is fair to assume that the actions taken by the government were not only aimed at keeping the voters in the upcoming presidential elections but were also targeting some Democratic or undecided voters that were scared stiff of the global pandemic and were ready to accept the use of force as the use of reason, bringing us back to the rhetoric of “law and order”. 

Discussion post 2.2- Jasmin Amigon

  1. The language of “Law and order” is just a cover-up between racists and their targets. The advantage for racists and police by their choice of words covers up the fact they are stopping people of color with the  “law and order” which is just a cover-up of the fact they stopped their target because of their race and gives them the ability to enforce racial segregation behind the wording of “Law and Order”.
  1. I believe the Southern Strategy still influences American Politics because we witnessed it first hand during the presidency of Republican Donald Trump. For example, his beliefs and racial division won political support among white voters in the South by appealing to racism against people of color. His slogan “Make America Great Again” was a thin excuse that white supremacy could make resistance to movements that challenge systemic racism.

Ignacio’s take on the racist South

  1. They chose to frame their defense through that language for the need of staying in power to control poor communities, as slavery and the Jim Crows were already dead, most Southern States had to use a language where the opposition to the Civil Rights Movement grew in number, but without directly targeting the black community and other persons of color. They deviated the attention from the color of the skin to the dangers of having certain type of individuals protesting, marching or even sharing same spaces, putting white Americans in danger and therefore they needed “law and order”. Finally, according to M. Alexander this language created a disruption in how American politics had been dominated by the Democrats and gave the Republican party the chance to create a new majority being able to have more funding and direct all their efforts to the minorities.
  2. The Southern Strategy is still deeply influencing the way the Republican party participates in American politics, and a good example is the case of Donald Trump winning the presidency in 2016, Donald Trump was a character in American politics that looked the support of again the white-collar very religious voters, who were mostly found in the States of the South, and in a similar way as Nixon did, he used the rhetoric speech to “Make America Great Again” through “Law and Order”, in his speech he blamed the previous administration, and because of the economic and social policies they implemented during that time, America had gotten weak and that the greatness of the nation was in danger. Southern States are crucial for presidential elections, and Trump exploited the discontent of white southerners to the limit, blaming any action outside his party to be not beneficial to the country and Americans asking for “Law and Order”.

M. Alexander Pt. 2

  1. Following the events such as the Civil Rights movement and Brown vs. Board, the idea of a racial divide was apparent. Using legislation to regulate certain racial groups came to be a more covert way of conservatives maintaining their social norms without directly being accused of outright racism. 

2. I believe Southern Strategy still plays out in today’s politics. For instance, our former president Donald Trump has practiced elements of the Southern Strategy. He pretty much pandered to his white supporters by defending the confederate flag and calling the BLM movement “toxic propaganda.”

Discussion 2.2 – Justine Lazdina

  1. Why do think Southern racist politicians chose to frame their defense of racial segregation through the language of “law and order”? What special advantages was this choice of words going to give them?

The Southern racist politicians chose to frame their defense of racial segregation through using “law and order” due to this phrase allowing for them to hide their racism behind something that sounds right and proper. Who would not want law and order? This allowed for them appear as morally right in comparison to their opposition.

  1. Do you think the Southern Strategy is still influencing American politics? Give an example supporting your answer.

I’m not sure if the Southern Strategy is still influencing American politics. To say it is would imply that anyone who believes in policing is deep down a racist, and I don’t think this is the case. With that said, one could make the claim that the attempts to bring “law and order” are still being used to oppress minorities in America today, especially with very sad videos coming out of black man dying while being arrested by the police.