1. In my opinion, there are two major points that highlight why court system is better suited to protect the individual in comparison with other branches of the government: the duality of the court system and its election procedure that leaves the judicial branch independent of the political climate of the time. When we take the Miranda v. Arizona case, we can see how the duality of the U.S. court system helped protect the constitutional rights of Ernesto Miranda who was convicted and sentenced based on an evidence that was obtained through a violation of the Fifth and Six Amendments. While the issue of guilt or innocence was a matter of the state court, the federal court addressed the constitutional questions raised by Miranda trial. 
  2. If the government is set up to protect the “faculties” of men, we should not be surprised that one of the branches of the government seems to fail to carry the notion of “democracy”. Following the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump, only supported by less than a fifth of the U.S. population, has shaped the Supreme Court by appointing 3 conservative-wing candidates who passed through a Republican Senate. Since the Justices are appointed for life, we are bound to see a conservative Supreme Court that carries the vision of the Republican Party and the capitalist elites that supports it. If we further look at the diversity within the court system, we can easily find the overwhelming majority of courts on federal and state level consists of white people that might not have the insight into the lives of minorities. 

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