1.According to Martin Luther King, we can use human nature and morality to distinguish between just and unjust laws. A just law protects the rights of the people, and morality is the first. On the contrary, an unjust law deprives human rights . It is not rooted in the laws of nature.

2.I think just laws will have an impact on individuals or society as a whole, because just laws respect human nature and morality. It allows people to improve their personal virtues and morals and has a positive impact on individuals or society as a whole. But unjust laws damage the existence of humanity and morality, and it will bring unfairness to society.

3.I think the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is a just law, because the First Amendment protects the people’s freedom of speech, which is the people’s most basic personal right. Basically, the amendments to the U.S. Constitution are just laws. And the The Patriot Act is an unjust law, because every regulation violates the privacy and human rights of the people, and there are unfair factors that cause law enforcement officers to have great powers.

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