1. A way the court system is better suited in protecting individuals than are the elected branches is by the supreme court which is not elected by the people therefore they are uninfluenced in the opinion of the public. Which shows they are willing to solve controversial cases than elected branches of government. A member of congress would not be influenced by public opinion and popular decisions but would go about the case following the law and previous state rulings for the benefit of the individuals. For example, the Brown v. Board of Education case took on a controversial topic in order to protect the people. This shows that they are willing to protect the people even if it’s not a politically popular decision.

2.The supreme court is an anti-democratic part of our government because the ones who have political power or the owning class are the ones who make the final decision. The Supreme Court plays an important role in our constitutional system of government and it’s the highest court and last resort for those seeking justice. The member(s) of the Supreme Court are not nominated by people but by the power the president has and the justices nominated are there to serve for life.  However, this action of appointing judges to fill the federal courts proves how the Supreme Court is an anti-democracy. I think the public should be able to choose whom they think should be a judge in the Supreme Court.

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