1. They are the best suited to protect individuals, because they are the ones who interpret the laws within   the constitution and give sentences equally to the subjects that are under it. Judges must be neutral in their decisions and follow the protocols to not violate any amendments themselves while participating in a trial. The advantage that people under the constitution have is that there is a dual-court system where there is plenty of room for everybody to look for justice depending on the case.

A good example is the case Miranda v. Arizona, Ernesto Miranda was sentenced to prison due to the rape and killing of a woman, this happened because police made Miranda a witness against himself and had him sign a confession for the crimes committed, this was a violation of the 5th and 6th amendment by the police against Miranda, so he appealed first to the Arizona Supreme Court and then to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Supreme Court ruled that the confession had to be excluded from evidence because indeed police violated his rights given by the 5th and the 6th amendments, therefore, the original conviction was overturned, and it showed who by Miranda’s appeal the U.S. supreme court protected him as an individual and his rights. However, the U.S supreme court didn’t deny that he didn’t committed the crimes he was being prosecuted for in the first place, in fact, he was brought again to the state court to be judged with other evidence and witnesses, he was convicted and sent to prison, respecting the rights of the person who was murdered by Miranda.

2. I agree, that, the Federal Court System and the Supreme Court is a non-democratic part of our government, because people don´t participate in elections directly to pick the judges. Judges are nominated by the president and majority in congress approves or disapproves these nominations, the reason of this being is, to fulfill the needs and interests of the owning class, in fact, in Federalists #10 we can find that the U.S. government was created to benefit this owning class, therefore, not created to be democratic.

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