1. I got the biggest impression from knowing that the top 1 percent owns almost half of the total wealth of America, for me this is a very delicate matter because to have money means to have power and that the power of the top 1 percent could control the rest of the 99 percent due to their money power is preoccupying, even more if this 1 percent is already inside the government, because they would control both the private and public entities that shape our country.

2. Living in a society with huge wealth inequalities, gives the power to a small group of people to exploit the ones in need, and profiting from it. Drags technological and human advancement and kills the opportunity for others to compete in the economy. The consequences that a society suffers when these inequalities exist is a never-ending spiral of suffering for the poor and even the middle class that disappears little by little due to the greed and corruption of the wealthy helped by the government, making everyday even harder to pay for health, food, and education. The wealthy do not suffer from the price-control of monopolies because they own them, they do not suffer from recessions because a big part of them gets bailed out by the government with taxpayer’s money when they do not even contribute their fair share to the system. In New York, a good example is how landlords always try to squeeze the most out of renters, now, most of the buildings are corporate owned and they rent prices increase constantly every year o 2 years because they try to keep a constant renewal of the leases so they can raise prices due to the “inflation”, they give you poor maintenance service when needed and take a long time to respond.

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