1. The social class who wrote the constitution was the “Owners Class”, who were the big property owners, merchants, and bankers, in fact, they decided to create a constitution based on the protection of the wealthy, because, to achieve the vision they had of what a great nation could be, was only achievable by people with their same characteristics and status.  The other class, who was the majority class, or as Charles Beard called them, the “Disenfranchised”, this were the poor whites, Native Americans, Women, Servants and Slaves, who under the constitution were not accountable, they could not vote, or give any opinions, because to be able to speak out or participate in the political environment of the time you needed certain amount of wealth and benefits.

2. The social class structure that we have nowadays is the same to the one we had in the beginning of the nation, slavery doesn’t exist, persons of color, women and poor people can vote, but mass incarceration still has a big part of Americans disenfranchised, and the government is still pretty much influenced by the ones who own wealth.

3. The people that wrote the Constitution had different interests than the poorer classes, they needed them to stay poor to be able to achieve their goals. If they created a democratic system, the majority class (the unwealthy) would had been a threat to the owner class. Alexander Hamilton defined this class as “turbulent and changing” who were “seldom to judge or determine right”, and this was the imprudence that often came with democracy.

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