The format that represents the daily activities of the capitalist class is as follows: (M-C-C+ -M+).

M-C constitutes the capital invested and commodities that are needed to make a profit. C-C+

represents the business of the market that is open to selling. C+-M represents the new

commodities created and sold for profits. An example of M-C is a person that wants to open a

Subway restaurant. They would have to invest in the franchise, then rent the store, buy all the

material like the dough for the bread, cheese meats, condiments and hire staff. C-C is when the

commodities are sold, the dough is baked in the bread, the sandwiches are made and sold. C+M is where the investor received the gains of what he investment often doubling the amount of the

initial investment.The formula that represents the daily activities of the working class is illustrated as (C-M-C). The working class begins with (C-M) because the individual must work in order to obtain money.

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