1-As we learned thus far, the capitalist class consists of people who own wealth, as well as the means of production in American society. An important question in understanding how these class works is to ask: how does a capitalist remain wealthy? The answer to this question depends largely on understanding the diagram M-C-M’. So, let’s practice by explaining what happens in this diagram in our own words (but basing our ideas on Reading 5.1). Respond to the following question: Explain M-C-M’ to show how capitalists maintain and increase their wealth. (hint: your answer should weave a summary that includes what you reviewed in the self-assessment exercise question 1-7)

The diagram C-M-C would be used to fittingly describe the lives of working class people , whereby, the initial C would stand for commodity and in this manner connoting labour. The working class are always employed to provide their labour in exchange for a reward-money, which is represented by the letter M. Once these people acquire the much needed money, they can now afford to cater to the needs in their lives. They can look after their families and pay for school amongst other pending bills, and so, the last letter in this formula is C”. The C” is greater than the first C, and this C” means a greater commodity. It stands for the commodities that the working-class people often run to acquire once they receive their dues from the capitalist.

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